2021 Born2global Centre Membership admission (Monthly Open Recruitment)



Born2Global Centre is accepting additional applications from startups for 2021 Born2global Centre Membership admission !

(Monthly Open Recruitment)



◇ “Monthly Open Recruitment" Period :



- Open from 2021/ 6/ 9(Wed) ~ 2021/12/31(Fri)



◇ Application & Evaluation Period/Procedure :



- Recruitment : 1st ~ 20th of each month



- Evaluation : 21th ~ 28th of each month



- Announcement : At the end of each month



- Membership Conclusion** : ~ 2021/12/31(Fri)


** Recruitment may be closed upon completion of selection within the recruitment scale or budget



◇ How to apply :



- Please download the Application sheet(excel file) below, fill up the information and send the completed file via email to info@born2global.com


2021년 해외진출지원사업 참여기업 추가 모집 공고문(2021 B2G Membership Admission).pdf


(Application sheet)2021 Born2global centre Membership Admission.xlsx



◇ The Target companies : Startups with ICT convergence technology to global market [Please refer the attatchement for details]



- Each year, we select over 100 companies to join our one-year membership accelerator program, by providing services such as consulting and business development to expand their businesses globally.



◇ What we support :



▶ Onsite/online programs to check whether product/service fits the target market through potential partners and customers (“Market driven scaleup" Members only)



▶ Business consulting in legal ⦁ patent ⦁ accounting ⦁ PR to scale up globally



▶ Global IR(Investor Relations) ⦁ Tech-matching ⦁ Seminar ⦁ Networking programs



▶ Global PR(Public Relations) services



▶ Coworking spaces include the facility, equipment, and amenities necessary to support our members' businesses



◇ Contact : 031-5171-5613 / GLOBAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TEAM


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