2021 Born2Global D.N.A(Data, Network, AI) Joint Venture Type Membership Admission





“D.N.A(Data. Network. AI) Joint Venture Type (JV 설립형)” : Open from 5/28(Fri.) ~ 6/ 24(Thu.) 18:00 PM




* Due dates and hours are fixed. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be evaluated




Final Selection : Up to 15 companies




Target companies : Startups with D.N.A (Data, Network, AI) convergence technologies




Benefits - Program Overview




We support formation, establishment & operations, and scale-up of binational joint ventures that will help selected members to save expenses/needed resources for localization of their product/service, and overcome limitations in face-to-face activities amid the current pandemic.




▶ Support Discovering & Building Potential JV Partnerships : Online meetups, partnerhip curation service, preliminary consultings (global business, partnership etc.)




▶Support for JV Establishment & Operations : Business consulting(legal, patents, accounting, martketing, pr), PMF(Product-Market Fit) consulting, and other expenses(overseas travel, local working spaces - rents)




▶Support for Business Development and Investment Attraction : Online IR event, open innovation programs in collaboration with Born2Global Centre partners (global corporates, venture capital firms, other investor firms, international organizations, etc.), and followup consulting




Selection Timeline*




Submission Deadline : 6/24(Thu.)



1st Evaluation : 6/25(Fri.) ~ 6/28(Mon.)



1st Announcement : 6/29 (Tue.) via e-mail



2nd Evaluation : 7/12(Mon.)~7/14(Wed.)



2nd Announcement : 7/16(Fri.) via e-mail 





Agreement Signing (Born2Global Centre - Selected companies) ** : 7/19(Mon.) ~7/23(Fri.)




* Timeline above is subject to change


** Membership is valid from the date on signed agreement til Dec.31, 2021




How to Apply


A. Download the attached form


B. Submission : By e-mail (techjv@born2global.com)




210528_DNA JV type membership admission notice.pdf


210528_DNA JV type membership application form.hwp

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