Born2Global Centre Job Posting Notice (~10/23)


The Born2Global Centre is seeking talents with expertise and global capabilities to carry out the project commissioned by the Ministry of Science, ICT to support venture-backed companies for starting and expanding their business abroad. We are recruiting as follows. Submitted documents are reviewed from time to time, and only those who pass the document screening will be contacted individually.

Chief Executive Director of Born2Global Centre
September 29, 2022

What are we?

B2G is a global commercialization specialized organization that supports promising innovative technology startups to start up and grow in the global market. Since its establishment in 2013, it has been dedicated to supporting 200 startups overseas expansion every year.
We are striving to grow a dedicated company into a global unicorn company through cooperation with various overseas organizations and companies such as international organizations.

What is our common value?

We aim for five common values: Diversity, Transparency, Team work, Respect, and Go-for-it-ness. We all have a different characteristics but as a one team, we are performing challenging tasks.

Job Description

1)Tech Discovery & Business Development

Discovering technology-based companies & Planning/operating overseas expansion programs

Job Description
- Establish and execute the strategies to discover digital tech companies
- Plan and operate programs for Korean digital tech companies to enter and grow in overseas markets
- Plan and operate joint programs with Korean and foreign partner organizations for companies’ overseas expansion
- Discovering global partners and building cooperative networks
- Find and connect experts from various industries in the startup target market
Required Qualifications(Minimum)
- Have bachelor's degree or higher (graduand available)
Required Qualifications(Preferred)
- Have more than 2 years of experience (not limited to related work)
- Have experience in implementing various types of projects from A to Z
- Those who are interested in corporate valuation and business modeling
- Those who are able to adapt easily to new situations and communicate well

2) International cooperation

Job Description
- Conduct international cooperation business development, including Bilateral & Multilateral Development Cooperation
- Identify new leads and manage global channels(international organizations, startup-related institutions, etc.) for developing new projects in the field of startup globalization related International Development Cooperation.
- Conduct business planning and management in the field of International Development Cooperation projects.
- Operate multiple events and programs about development cooperation.
Required Qualifications(Minimum)
- Overseas business development/planning
- Ability to manage global channels & excellent communication skills
- Have more than 2 years of related work experience
- Ability to speak and write in English
Required Qualifications(Preferred)
- Experience in global project management
- Experience in international organizations' projects & work process

3) HR

Job Description
- Personnel management tasks such as recruitment, wage management, ect.
- Running and establish HR system such as performance evaluation and compensation
- Planning and execution of company personnel system
- Cooperation with internal personnel regulations and requirements from external organizations
Required Qualifications(Minimum)
- Have performed various tasks in the overall HR department
- Minimum one year of experience in personnel and labor management
Required Qualifications(Preferred)
- Experience in salary and 4 major insurance practices
- High understanding in HR relevant laws and systems (Labor Standards Acts, social insurance, etc.)

4) Accounting

Job Description
- Government budgeting and execution
- Accounting management such as payment of various tax returns
- Accounting settlement and audit response
Required Qualifications(Minimum)
- Minimum 2years of experience in accounting/tax relevant area
Required Qualifications(Preferred)
- Experience in using Duzon ERP system
- Non-profit organization working experience

5) Public relations

Job Description
- Establish and implement domestic/foreign public relations strategies
- Monitoring domestic and foreign media reports, planning and management of major business-related press releases
- Development of overseas promotion plans and channels
- Operate promotional channels such as websites, social media accounts
- Support for planning of major publications(newsletters etc.)
Required Qualifications(Minimum)
- Over 2 years of domestic and international public relations work
- Experienced in domestic and foreign media monitoring as well as SNS management
- Ability to establish messages and write contents
- Possess active and clear communication skills
Required Qualifications(Preferred)
- People with knowledge and experience related to startups
- Ability to speak and write in English

Required Qualifications (Common)


  • Academic background: Bachelor's degree or higher
  • Experience: excluding temporary/unpaid experience
  • A person who has no reason for disqualification pursuant to Article 33 of the State Public Officials Act.
  • A person who is disqualified from overseas travel.


  • Degree holders in related fields, start-up entrepreneurship and work experience.
  • Those who have experience in start-up support organizations (VC, ACC, government agencies, etc.)
  • Overall knowledge holder of ICT technology.

※  Please refer to the notice for detailed Required Qualifications for each position.

Hiring Process

Submit CVScreeningInterviewBackground check
Starting date

※  Schedule’s subject to change under certain circumstances, and successful applicants of each process will be notified separately.

How to Apply

Employee Status and Benefits

  • Status: Contractual basis employee(Annual contract) : The contract is extended through year-end deliberation, No limit to the number of extensions
  • Place of employment: Pangyo Techno Valley, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Working hours: 40 hours, five days a week
  • Salary: Negotiable based on experience and qualifications (※ According to the level of related government affiliated organizations.)
  • Benefits: Four major public insurance, family allowance, summer vacation, congratulatory and condolences allowance


  • Any falsification, omission, or misrepresentation in the employment application or submitted documents may result in refusal to hire
  • The company may not sign the employment contract if it finds reasons for disqualification through background checks
  • The company may not hire anyone even if the number of applicants is the same or less than the number of available position
  • Hired employees go through a probation period of three months. Their employment contract may be terminated during the probation period in case of poor job attitude or performance
  • The date of which academic certificate and work experience is acknowledged is the date of the job posting notice

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