Born2Global Centre offers Office Space




Born2Global Centre offers Office Space 


K-ICT Born2Global Center offers inspiring office space to innovative ICT

startups and related organizations. Our office spaces are designed for

global business growth and global market launch.




 - Promising ICT related startups; startup related organizations



 - 4th~13th July.2018



 - 6 office rooms (B type: 10~19m2 for 4~5 people)

 - 3 office rooms (C type: 20~33m2 for 6~10 people)



 - Pangyo Startup Campus


   * Please check the attached file for details.


How to apply 

 - Submit Documents:

   1. Copy of Business Registration Certificate

   2. Business Plan (~10 pages)


Help : 031-5171-5623, E.



공고문_2018년도 하반기 입주사 모집.pdf








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