[CES 2020] CES 2020 Innovation Awards has Selected a Korean At-Home Skin-Care Gadget, LUMINI Home as an Honoree



By Hyunjin Choi


Lululab Inc. has stated that it was named as an Honoree of CES Innovation Awards for two consecutive years. The award winning product is LUMINI Home and the category is Health & Wellness.


It was designated as an Honoree highly recognized in that Lumini Home provides the user’s personalized skin data so that people can have a simple skincare routine at home based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.


“We are extremely pleased for the innovative value of LUMINI to be recognized on the global stage for two years in a row,” said Lululab Inc. CEO Yongjoon Choe. “LUMINI Home is an at-home skin-care gadget that improves skin condition at ease with systematic skin management.”


Lululab Inc. was spun off from C-Lab of Samsung Electronics which is an in-house venture incubation program and has been a member company of Born2Global Centre since 2018. The beauty device, LUMINI, is comprised of a handheld facial scanning device and an analyzing software. A single photo by the AI-based device analyzes skin status and offers consultation within 10 seconds. The result on the skin condition is shown according to several criteria including wrinkles, pores, skin troubles and melisma. With detailed information on the users’ skin status, it accordingly suggests the most tailored beauty products and therapy by using ‘Skin Big Data’. 


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