Kiwontech recognized in Gartner report on email security



Only Korean company of the 56 global email security solution corporations listed


Kiwontech, a member of Born2Global Centre, was recently included in Tool: Vendor Identification for Email Security, a 2021 market guide published by Gartner on October 7. The only Korean company to be included on Gartner’s list of companies, Kiwontech is an email security company that has been a member of the Born2Global Center since 2016.


In its report, Gartner, a global IT consulting and market research company, stated that the use of cloud email services has been increasing due to a rise in phishing attacks and their resulting damages. A total of 56 global companies, including Kiwontech, were named as “Representative Vendors” of such email services.


For the past seven years, Kiwontech has developed and operated email security diagnostic solutions and security services that can respond preemptively to various kinds of targeted email attacks (attacks targeting a specific party, such as ransomware, malignant codes, and viruses, etc.).


Receive GUARD and SECU MAIL, two email security solutions developed by Kiwontech, utilize email-learning and AI analysis technologies to detect threat actors using email addresses spelled similarly to legitimate email addresses and/or using hijacked accounts. The solutions can also detect malignant codes and lesser-known forms of ransomware. One particularly noteworthy function is that the two solutions convert any potentially malignant codes or URLs contained in the body of an email into an image to prevent the email recipient from inadvertently clicking on adverse contents and exposing their personal information.


Prior to the 2021 Gartner report, Kiwontech was also the only Korean security company mentioned as a “Representative Vendor for Regionally Focused” in Garner’s 2019 Market Guide for Email Security.


Kiwontech Executive Director Kim Ki-nam said, “The fact that Kiwontech was mentioned in Gartner’s email security report alongside prominent global corporations is proof that the unique security functions we’ve developed on our own are indeed competitive. After being recognized by Gartner for our email security services, EG-Platform and SECU U Cloud—and the ability of our solutions to create an email environment that users can safely utilize with peace of mind—we will be doubling our efforts to keep moving forward to become a leader of the cyber security market.”


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