SMARTGOLF LLC successfully launches SMARTGOLF on Makuake


SMARTGOLF LLC, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, has successfully launched its smart golf system, SMARTGOLF, via Makuake, a crowdfunding platform.


SMARTGOLF, which launched on April 13 (, achieved 4,300 percent of its original crowdfunding goal in seven days (crowdfunding will remain open until May 27).


Golf swings wherever you are, whenever you want


SMARTGOLF is a smart golf system comprised of a nine-axis sensor club and a game application that means golf can be enjoyed wherever you are. The lightweight SMARTGOLF practice club and mobile app were designed for high-precision to help improve one's golf skills. The practice club is an AI device equipped with 3D real-time swing-analysis technology. While practicing, the user can visually check his or her swing via the club head's LED light, and accuracy of address and impact through grip vibrations. The shaft's length is optimum for swing practice purposes, allowing the user to secure enough space for impact. Real-time swing realignment/analysis and AI coaching are also available.


Individualized AI coaching


Besides swing trajectory analysis and the coaching function, SMARTGOLF also displays information on swings and explains the outcomes of all data analyses to propose the most appropriate practice regimen for the user. It also gives accurate analysis of impact space (via the machine learning-based coaching function). The most distinctive feature of SMARTGOLF, which can synchronize impact and create physically-accurate ball trajectories, is a sensation that is as close as possible to actually playing on a green.

Golf software with avatars that make training fun


SMARTGOLF is a cutting-edge technology that utilizes avatar swing analysis. The club is linked to an avatar in real time, which replicates each user swing both completely and accurately. Through 3D swing analysis and simulation, the user can regularly take advantage of a multi-faceted analysis of his or her swings. SMARTGOLF LLC has developed over 1,500 coaching regimens in cooperation with pro golfers from the KLPGA, JLPGA, and USGA, and their lesson coaches.


Patented technology that is a cut above the rest


The SMARTGOLF club was designed to transcend the limitations of swing practice and serve as a well-rounded golf clinic. It is patented in the US and Korea.


Guy Thompson, Golf Head of ClubMed said, "SMARTGOLF is an effective solution for those who wish to improve their golf swing through its systematic creation of 'swing muscle memory.' The smart putter's LED and laser are very helpful in attaining the right tempo and balance for the best possible putt. I recommend SMARTGOLF to golfers of all levels."


Kim Jong-min, CEO of SMARTGOLF LLC, also said, "Through the use of artificial intelligence, SMARTGOLF allows our customers to improve their golf abilities quickly and easily."


The SMARTGOLF club is sold for JPY 15,000, while the set (putter included) is available for JPY 35,000.


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