Buzzvil, a global leading provider of rewarded ads platform and a member company of the Born2Global Centre, today announced that the company hit 10.5 million monthly active users worldwide following its drive to reach more users by introducing unique mobile ad units.

Established in 2012, the Softbank-backed company kicked off with BuzzScreen, an SDK flagship product, tailored for businesses, that uses the mobile lockscreen as an effective ad unit. 

In a bid to reach more users, Buzzvil recently launched BuzzAd which delivers rewarded ads not only on the lockscreens, but also on in-app inventories, Android chat head type ad units and more. These ads surfaces are unique and only available through Buzzvil's SDK integration. 

According to the company's recent analysis, the return on advertising spend of rewarded ads was 200% higher than that of non-rewarded ads. Also, the purchase over the impression was up to 330% higher. 

John Lee, CEO of Buzzvil, stated, "Through the smartphone lockscreens, our advertisers were able to reach only 10% of our partner's users. But with our new ad units, advertisers will be able to reach all of the partner's app users." 

"By introducing more effective ads surfaces, we will help our partners to gain more revenue and advertisers to enjoy a higher performance," he added. 

Buzzvil has more than 100 global publishing partners, including South Korea's Lotte, CJ One, Japan's East Japan Railway Company, Loyalty Marketing, Inc., the operator of Ponta Point, and Russia's Fly Mobile. Its main advertisers include eBay, Samsung, Adidas, Toyota, Jaguar, and BMW.

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