Echoss Stamp service provided by 12CM, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre.

12CM Inc. (One-two-cee-em), a Korean startup that provides a variety O2O services via partnerships with a variety of partners, has joined hands with SMS Global Technologies Inc. (SMSGT), the leading system integrator in the Philippines, to reshape the Southeast Asian country's mobile convergence landscape. 12CM. Inc. is a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre.

12CM GLOBAL PTE LTD, a subsidiary of 12CM. Inc., in partnership with SMSGT, officially entered the Philippines for mobile-based loyalty marketing and commerce market via a suite of propriety technologies including echoss Stamp.

With 12CM echoss Stamp service already available in 19 countries around the world, 12CM. Inc has now expanded its services to 20 countries.

SMSGT is one of the largest and most trusted IT companies in the Philippines. It focuses on providing innovative solutions for wire and wireless operators in various fields including, travel and tourism, accommodation, F&B and health care.

SMSGT has partnered up with 12CM Inc. to penetrate the Philippines market through the Korean company's echoss Stamp platform, which enables it to provide stamp card service and stamp rally service targeting the public. This will lead SMSGT to become one of the leading mobile-first service and solution providers in the Philippines, where research shows more than 90% of the population owns a mobile phone and about 1.8 billion SMS are being processed in a day.

IT conglomerates around the world, which have already established a successful business in network and hardware fields, are trying to expand their business into the mobile IT industry. NESIC in Japan has finalized a network business and extended it to the IT software industry by successfully carrying out an echoss Stamp business in partnership with 12CM Inc. for mobile convergence.

According to Kyung-taik Kim, director of 12CM JAPAN, NESIC introduced echoss Stamp to the Japanese market in 2015, and since then the technology has been adopted in various locations, including shopping centers, local governments, restaurants and event venues, through services like point card, stamp rally, and coupon authentications. As of 2018, about 10,000 echoss Stamps have been commercialized throughout Japan.

SMSGT, a representative innovative solution provider in the Philippines, expects to expand its business in mobile convergence soon by introducing 12CM's echoss Stamp services and solutions.

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