Tomocube (B2G `18), which commercializes 3D holographic microscopy technology, announced that it has attracted 21.2 billion won worth of investment.


A total of eight investment institutions, including Korea Investment Private Equity, SKS Private Equity, Daily Partners, Ryukyung PSG Asset Management, Leading Ace Capital, Timefolio Asset Management, IBK Securities, and IBK Capital, participated in the investment. Two existing investment institutions, Daily Partners and Ryukyung PSG Asset Management, made follow-up investments.


Earlier, Tomocube secured a total of 44.2 billion won in investment funds, including 3 billion won from Hanmi Science and Softbank Ventures in March 2016, 5 billion won from Softbank Ventures, Intervest, and Company K Partners in April 2018, and 15 billion won from Intervest, Company K Partners and Daily Partners in August 2019.



Tomocube plans to use this investment as an R&D for clinical and new product development of in vitro diagnostic equipment for medical use which is currently under development.


Tomocube is a bio venture company that has proposed a new paradigm in life science microscopy, which German and Japanese technologies have dominated. It has 3D holography microscopy technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to observe cells in real-time without preprocessing. It is characterized by accurately measuring cells immediately within seconds of the field without a preprocessing process that in which used to previously take 2-3 days.


CEO Hong Ki-hyun said, "We will conduct clinical trials at home and abroad for blood analysts currently under development and develop equipment that can classify and sympathize with bacteria for diagnosing infectious diseases including sepsis within two hours."

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