The Born2Global Centre released an article that highlights the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT)'s effort to support technology startups, included in the Korean Digital New Deal. As part of the Korean government MSIT, Born2Global Centre has played a crucial role by connecting Korean startups with various opportunities worldwide.


Since 2020, the Ministry of Science and ICT has actively implemented the Korean Digital New Deal as a means of overcoming the economic hardships caused by COVID-19.


The initiative focuses mainly on nurturing cutting-edge technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, as future growth engines. The initiative's core objective is to ramp up the nation's digital capabilities that the government believes will accelerate digital transformation across many sectors.


Digital transformation now becomes a necessity as the pandemic has transformed the way people shop, work, learn, and socialize. By implementing the Digital New Deal, the country aims to advance key technologies that are required to meet growing demand in almost all economic sectors.


Among others, the ministry builds the so-called "Data Dam" to collect and integrate fragmented public data, especially from healthcare and education sectors that closely impact people's lives. By building an integrated data platform, the ministry intends to collect useful data which will be utilized to develop AI technology for education and healthcare.


The ministry also pursues an aggressive investment strategy in fostering startups armed with innovative ideas and technology. A select group of promising startups are offered government aid in enhancing their research and development (R&D) capabilities and bringing the resulting products and services to a broader market, both at home and abroad.


SoftBank Funds Korean Technology


Overseas investors are taking notice of the Korean startups' technological prowess and potential, too.


Global investors have set their eyes on key promising tech firms including Riiid, Lunit, Toss Lab, 4DREPLAY, Class101, and Infomark.


SoftBank Group, which has been aggressively investing in startups, recognized their promising technologies, including AI-based learning, cancer diagnostic solutions and realistic 4-dimensional (4D) image technology. Last May, Riiid, a leading AI education solutions startup, successfully secured a whopping USD 175 million investment from Vision Fund 2.


Coupled with the SoftBank investment, the ministry's Digital New Deal support is expected to help these startups further extend their potential for growth on both domestic and global stages.


As part of the Digital New Deal, the ministry has engaged these startups in the initiative's key projects to transform them into the nation's future driving forces of economy. These projects include the AI-based precision diagnosis platform "Dr. Answer" and content powered by virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).


Korea's Future Tech Leaders


Among the promising startups, the AI-based education tech startup Riiid develops AI technology that analyzes student data and then provides an optimum learning program tailored to each student's level on both mobile apps and web-based platforms.


Riiid is also one of the startups of the ministry's "LAC-Korea Deep Tech Exchange Program." In September of last year, the Born2Global Centre, a part of the ministry, launched the program in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Lab. The program aims to foster innovative startups within Latin America and connect them with Korean startups. Under the program, Riiid currently partners with Mexico's online English learning platform "Maestrik" to develop a joint AI-based English learning mobile app.


Lunit, Toss Lab, and 4DREPLAY have also received investment from SoftBank as well as other global investors.


Lunit specializes in AI-based medical devices for cancer diagnosis and treatment. By comparing and analyzing chest X-rays of cancer and non-cancer patients, the AI solution detects high-risk, abnormal tissues with high accuracy. The company is currently working on the development of a new AI software that can predict a cancer patient's response to immunotherapy and even suggest a better treatment based on cancer tissue analysis.


Toss Lab is a creator of the enterprise collaboration platform "JANDI" which streamlines workflow among employees through features such as messaging, real-time file sharing and virtual conferencing. The technology now serves more than 2 million people worldwide.


Lastly, the 4DREPLAY offers a real-time, multi-view video streaming service "4DLive". The immersive media technology allows users to freely view videos of sports, movies, and TV shows, from every angle they choose. The firm currently supplies its 4DLive solution to SoftBank's 5G mobile communication services.


The ministry said that "Through the Digital New Deal initiative, our promising startups, which capture global attention, will see their technology and competence in the global market grow significantly. We will spare no effort to support them so they can grow into an 'international unicorn company.'"


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Korea's 5G mobile communication service, the first commercialized service of its kind in the world, recently celebrated its second anniversary.


Korea has already established itself in the global market as a successful example of establishment of a 5G infrastructure that is outstanding in both quality and breadth of coverage. 5G is expediting fundamental changes in the telecommunication service paradigm and revitalizing the industrial environment through large investments. As a means of overcoming the economic hardships caused by COVID-19 and making Korea a leader in the era of smart automation, the Korean government's Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) is proactively creating a "virtuous cycle" 5G environment (in conjunction with the Digital New Deal). One part of the MSIT is Born2Global Centre, which has played a crucial role in this transition by connecting Korean startups with various opportunities worldwide.


4DREPLAY, a promising Korean startup that has been a member of the Born2Global Centre since 2017, manufactures special 4D technology. It is becoming noted as a global mobile communication service for its successful expansion of technologies and projects from Korean 5G-based sports content (professional baseball, golf, and so on).


In April 2019, 4DREPLAY began providing LG UPlus, a top-tier Korean mobile communication company, with 4DLive (a real-time, bullet-time, multi-view video streaming service) via mobile app. 4DLive is an immersive media technology that allows users to freely view videos on mobile devices.


Based on this domestic success, 4DREPLAY signed a contract with Japan's SoftBank in May 2020 to supply 4DLive to SoftBank's 5G mobile communication services. (One of the services displayed by SoftBank during a presentation of its 5G services was using 4DLive). SoftBank, which began providing 5G commercial services via 5G smartphone in March 2020, merged 5G and 4DLive with sporting events (e.g. baseball). 5G can send large quantities of data at ultra-fast speeds and is therefore used to broadcast sports videos in real-time while employing creative formats (free time point, multi-view, etc.)


4DREPLAY has also applied 4DLive to the 5G mobile communication services of Bell Canada, Canada's largest telecommunications company. In March 2021, an ice hockey tournament between the Vancouver Canucks and Montreal Canadiens was broadcast on TSN/RDS using 4DLive. These sports networks are owned by Bell Canada and are ranked among Canada's largest sports channels (alongside Rogers Media Group's Sportsnet and TVA Sports) since the foundation of TSN in 1984. 4DLive is currently featured as the "TSN 5G View/Vision 5G RDS" function on TSN/RDS's mobile app.


4DLive is a mobile-based, real-time, 360-degree video streaming service. Videos of a subject sent from the many cameras installed in a sports stadium (filmed from various angles) via 5G network can be edited by the viewer via 4DLive to be zoomed in or out at the desired angle, rewound, or replayed in real-time. This technology is hailed as providing a revolutionary, unmatched viewing experience that goes beyond passive video viewing in favor of enabling the viewer to control the movements of the subject on the screen from the desired angle and at the desired time.


4DREPLAY's bullet-time camera technology, 4DReplay (which is also used in 4DLive), is currently available worldwide for sports and entertainment events. The 4DReplay technology, which is used especially frequently in real-time "highlight" scenes for sporting events, allows the user to view videos of the subject from any angle thanks to footage filmed by scores of special cameras. Filmed footage can be edited, without rendering, and sent within five seconds—a significant advantage that makes 4DREPLAY perfect for real-time broadcasts.


Hongsu Jung, CEO of 4DREPLAY, said, "Many countries are starting full-scale commercialization of 5G services, which is resulting in global mobile communication companies seeking to fortify their 5G content. 4DLive, which allows the user to essentially take control of time and space by manipulating videos sent in real-time however that user chooses, will continue to give consumers around the world captivating, one-of-a-kind experiences that highlight all of the best features of 5G content."


Since entering the American market in 2016, 4DREPLAY has consistently been recognized internationally for its technologies, which are applied to/featured in broadcasts of many major Korean and international sporting events (MLB, NBA, PGA, UFC, KBO, etc.) and have become popular with sports fans worldwide.



4DReplay (CEO Hongsu Jung, Born2Global Centre member ‘21), a startup focused on specialized 4D video production, has successfully raised $15 million (worth KRW 16 billion) in investments.

The cumulative total of 4DReplay's investments stands at $31.5 million, and its valuation is $213.5 million.

Three domestic and foreign investors took part in 4DReplay's investment, including J Tsai Sports Enterprises and ubiQuoss Investment. 

4DReplay provided “4DLive” solutions for the 5th generation (5G) mobile communication service at Softbank in Japan last year, fusing 5G and 4DLive solutions in sports arenas, such as baseball stadiums. Using 5G that transmits large amounts of data at high speeds, the service relayed new features in sports videos, such as free view and multi-view in real time.

In addition, the service has been applied to overseas sports, such as the MLB (Major League Baseball), NLCS (National League Championship Series), WS (World Series), NBA 19-20 Season Playoffs, 2020 US Open Tennis, and PGA Championship 2020, as well as to domestic sports, including KPGA-Genesis Championships, 2020 KBO playoffs and series, Korean professional soccer, Korean professional volleyball, and other main Korean national sports leagues.

The 4DReplay system used for sports highlights is a 4D time slice video production system that generates images of moving objects in real time using 100 cameras. Even without rendering, this technology allows for edits and transfers within 5 seconds using videos captured by the camera.


CEO Hongsu Jung said, “With these investments, we plan to expand our business to the fields of entertainment, performances, and virtual online education by reinforcing broadcasts of major domestic and international sports games, which is the core of our business.”



4DReplay, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, will be providing its 4DLive solution for Japanese multinational company Softbank's 5G mobile communications service. 4DReplay has been an active member of the Born2Global Centre since 2017.


4DLive is a media technology that enables immersive viewing of sports events on a mobile device. In early March this year, Softbank announced the details of its 5G services, highlighting one that utilizes 4DLive. Softbank has converged 5G with baseball games and other sports events. 5G supports high speed transmission of large-scale data, and will be utilized to relay a new type of sports videos in real time, including time-slicing at any angle.


4DReplay specializes in solutions creating 4-dimensional realistic videos. It is a technology that creates videos that leap beyond the boundaries of time and space using multiple 4K cameras. The essence is a function that allows viewers to watch a video at any given point in time. When applied to sports, movies, and television, it offers exhilarating scenes in real time. Unlike previous filming methods that are more focused on space, this technology showcases the movement of a subject from a 360° angle at any given moment.


Since first entering the US market in 2016, 4DReplay's technology has become recognized globally. Its realistic media technology has been used in the broadcast of major sports events, including those involving the NBA, NHL, MLB and PGA Championships, and UFC matches. The 4DReplay solution was utilized in the MLB World Series in 2019 and garnered great interest among baseball fans around the world. It is also being utilized for Korea's professional baseball league, which opened this year on May 5, and videos are being aired of all games taking place in Jamsil Stadium using 4DReplay technology.


In step with the increasing trend in "untact" (no-contact) media relay, 4DReplay plans to expand its reach globally, and is currently pursuing contracts with global telecommunications companies in North America and China.


Hongsu Jung, CEO of 4DReplay, said, "With the spread of an 'untact' culture, i.e., the social distancing that is prevalent due to the proliferation of COVD-19, we are seeing a rapid increase in inquiries not only from global media outlets and telecommunications companies wishing to relay videos using 4DReplay's time-slicing realistic media technology but also countries that have launched or are planning to launch 5G services."



As its name suggests, 4DReplay, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, has developed technology for replaying 4D videos.


4DReplay’s technology goes beyond the space-oriented video filming method to record the movements of the subject from a 360-degree angle, allowing any moment of the video to be replayed from any angle.



CEO Hongsu Jung said, "The difference in scale between the Korean and global sports markets is significant, especially in terms of broadcasting rights. So, to make it easier for us to enter overseas markets, we decided to establish our headquarters in Silicon Valley."

As Jung had hoped, 4DReplay has already grown beyond the Korean market and is knocking on the doors of foreign markets. The company's video technology, which was put into action for the first time at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, is being applied not only in Korean professional baseball but throughout the United States and Japan as well.

At the core of 4DReplay's technology is the function that allows users to watch the video of their choice whenever they want. This technology goes beyond the space-oriented video filming method to record the movements of the subject from a 360-degree angle, allowing any moment of the video to be replayed from any angle.

Most of the video footage we see played on television during baseball game broadcasts is now created using 4DReplay's technology. After first being used for the pole jump at the Incheon Asian Games, 4DReplay's technology went on to be used for SBS professional baseball game broadcasts in 2015 and KBS baseball game broadcasts in 2016 and 2017.

4DReplay is now recognized in other countries as well. Having filmed a few San Francisco Giants games and done a Japanese professional baseball game broadcast, the company will soon be signing contracts with sports associations and broadcasting companies in various countries (United StatesJapan, and European countries).

The main reason for 4DReplay's growing visibility in the industry is its unparalleled technology, which compares favorably in terms of quality and performance than that of the Israeli startup that was acquired by Intel in August 2016. According to 4DReplay, it is capable of creating and playing videos in 4K resolution in just five to ten seconds, while it takes minutes for its competitors to do the same.

Breaking out of the domestic market and going global

4DReplay moved its headquarters to the United States for one simple reason: to expand its foreign business volume. Soon, the company hopes to provide its services to popular sports broadcasting companies in numerous other countries, including those involved in baseball, basketball, and ice hockey in the United States and in soccer, cricket, golf and rugby in European countries.

In addition to diversifying the sports events the company covers, Jung is looking into a wide range of business models. Starting next year, 4DReplay will begin offering its services via mobile application. Wireless carriers and broadcasting companies are working to find ways to provide all the support needed for 4DReplay's filming, including set construction and technological support, as one comprehensive package.

In the near future, 4DReplay plans to strengthen its cooperative relationships with camera manufacturers with the aim of enhancing the quality of its videos.


For more detailed information on the 4DReplay, visit


Time & space manipulation technology : 4DReplay.

Take a look on how this works! 




Time & space manipulation technology : 4DReplay.


Called ‘bullet time effect’,it’s the same technology used in “The Matrix”.


Now, it has advanced to be able to viewa single moment from various angles easily.


Through multi-cam smart technology,it can analyze and display footage on screenin 5 seconds.


Various applications,such as sports, movies, dramas, and live events.


Recently,the proof of concept was approved for the MLB.


Now used in Korean professional baseball, the World Cup and FIVB Volleyball World League,

It will soon also be used for the NFL, NHL, NBA,MLB, Olympics, etc for instant video replay and more.




Creating Experience ─ Highly Advanced 4D Video Solution  

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