By Hyunjin Choi


The world’s first neckband-type 360° camera, FITT 360 LIVES has been selected as an Honoree at the CES 2020 for three consecutive years. FITT 360 is awarded for two categories: the Smart Cities and the Virtual & Augmented Reality. The provider of this neckwearable device, Linkflow, has been a member of Born2Global Centre during the cited period.


FITT360 LIVES is specifically a wearable communication device, beyond a mere camera, that people can make 360° video calls with. Designed in the sense of human engineering, Linkflow completed the distinguished concept of the product with hands-free POV(Point of View) 360° filming, real-time communication and live streaming features.


Without using hands, FITT360 can easily preserve around view and broadcast in real time. In this regard, the device encompasses a variety of use cases from social media live streaming to emergency situations. By wearing a FITT 360 LIVES, in any emergency circumstances, seamless aid can be carried out communicating with other supporting paramedics on the phone.


From the beginning of this year, Linkflow has collaborated with a Korean mobile carrier giant, KT, and unveiled FITT360. KT developed an application to perform seamless transmission with the hands-free neckworn device.


FITT360 has also received a 2017 Good Design Gold-Minister Award and Red Dot Product Design Award followed by the IDEA 2018 Bronze award.



By Hyunjin Choi


Linkflow, a Born2Global member company, won an accolade with FITT360, a 360-degree neckband type camera, in the Good Design Award on October 2nd. Good Design Award is one of the most renowned global design awards along with Red Dot Design Award, the International Design Excellence Awards, and iF Design Award. The winners are determined based on how they demonstrate excellence in originality, proposal power, aesthetics, and level of completion while raising the standards in modern product design and positioning as future model design.


Prior to this recognition, Linkflow has been selected in the major design awards. FITT360 was named as the CES Innovation Award Honoree in the Digital Imaging & Photography category for two consecutive years. It has also received a 2017 Good Design Gold Minister Award and Red Dot Product Design Award, as well as the IDEA 2018 Bronze award.



FITT360 is the world’s first neck wearable camera preserving 360-degree full viewpoint with only three cameras on the neckband. It captures first-person-view both in pictures and videos without using hands, even allowing users to share their life in real-time on the social media such as YouTube and Facebook. It has a good reputation with a thin and human engineering design.


“It is honorable to prove competitiveness and excellence of our product through the top-notch global design award again. For the design to maximize UX, we will strive to improve our technology to provide the best 360-degree wearable cameras meeting the customers’ expectations,” said Junse Kim, Product Design Director of Linkflow. 


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