The largest mobile lockscreen advertising platform in Asia joins forces with leading mobile device maker in Europe to subsidize devices with its lockscreen advertising platform.

As Amazon has expanded its repertoire of prime exclusive phones with different device giants including LG, Nokia, Motorola, and Alcatel to give an option to consumers that they could purchase phones at discounted prices to display ads on their lockscreen, the lockscreen advertising funded discount model has become a very attempting option for mobile device makers. However, there has been no device manufacturer implementing the concept outside the Amazon's territory as the program is exclusively offered for its Amazon Prime members.

Wileyfox, the leading UK mobile device maker, is launching its first lockscreen ad-funded device in the UK this December through the strategic partnership with Buzzvil, the leading lockscreen advertising platform based out of Seoul, South Korea.

Consumers will be able to purchase Wileyfox's phone with lockscreen offers, discounted by £40. Just like other so-called 'Sharing Economy' services, users are renting out their previously idle lockscreen space to the company and agreed to receive personalized ads, trending news and content from hundreds of publishers. Wileyfox and Buzzvil are technically helping consumers better utilize their lockscreen space by selling these ads inventories altogether as bundled and letting them enjoy discounts on device purchase.

Buzzvil, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, has been a market leader in the lockscreen advertising business with over 17 million users from its flagship apps, HoneyScreen and Slidejoy, and its dozens of publishers using the company's patented lockscreen SDK technology, BuzzScreen. Buzzvil is considered the best partner for partnerships of the kind in terms of its technology and extensive capabilities in ads revenue maximization although it is the first time that Buzzvil is working on subsidizing discounts on mobile devices through lockscreen advertising with adevice manufacturer.

Considering the fact that smartphone device manufacturers are confronting a fierce competition, this adfunded discount will give Wileyfox a huge edge when it comes to its price competitiveness. Right now the deal only applies to five smartphones - the new Spark+, SparkX, Swift2, Swift2+, and Swift2X - every model of which is available in the UK at this point. Buzzvil and Wileyfox are planning to take the partnership further to more diverse device line-ups as well as its other European markets.



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