SecuLetter, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, recently has signed a partnership agreement with South African IT security company Afriko on the supply of SecuLetter's products. Seculetter has been an active member of the Born2Global Centre since 2017.


Afriko is a midsize IT company headquartered in South Africa. It provides IT solution consulting and security products to customers such as national government agencies, finance, healthcare and enterprises in Africa. Afriko is also carrying out large IT projects such as Smart city platform and Data integration which is related to Big data and IoT. Through this partnership, Afriko will supply SecuLetter's email security solution 'SecuLetter Email Security' to the African market.


Afriko CEO Kenny Mziza said, "Last year, City Power, a power supply organization in Johannesburg, the capital city, was heavily damaged by ransomware attacks. As a result, power outages occurred in most areas of the city, and administrative processing such as access to the City Power website as well as various electricity-related taxes was paralyzed. It was found that the ransomware attack occurred through email attachments including malicious code. We were looking for a solution to defend against these attacks and we made sure that the SecuLetter product fit perfectly into the market requirements, so we chose."


In addition, Kenny said, "In South Africa, there is a growing awareness of unknown malware attacks such as ransomware, spear phishing and malicious macros. We expect that SecuLetter solution that accurately detects, analyzes and blocks those attacks through reverse engineering will effectively defend it."


SecuLetter is a security company that develops and supplies products which detect, diagnose, analyze and block Malicious code attacks and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) coming through digital document files (e.g. MS Office, HWP, PDF, etc.) in various network environments such as e-mail section, Air-gap and Network-bridge, Document centralization and Web bulletin board. SecuLetter products are characterized by accurate diagnostic rates and diagnostic performance.


SecuLetter CEO Lim, Chasung said, "This partnership agreement is an example of how SecuLetter's technology works in the global market. Recently, our products have been well received by partners in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Malaysia, and we plan to sign partnerships with them this year."


SecuLetter is preparing to enter the Middle East and US markets as well. Through KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency), they were introduced to a cyber security company in the US, and through collaboration with them, they are pursuing globalization of their products and entering the global market.


SecuLetter's products, 'SecuLetter Email Security' and 'SecuLetter File Security', are being actively used by major national institutions, financial institutions, and companies, including KEPCO E&C, Korea Post Information Center, KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency), BNK Busan Bank, KAMCO (Korea Asset Management Corporation), KSD (Korea Securities Depository), and KTCU (Korean Teachers' Credit Union).

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