By Hyunjin Choi

JLK Inspection Targeting Overseas Market with European CE Certifications for the AI-enhanced Medical Image Analytics Solutions. JLK Inspection, an AI-based medical analysis company(CEO Wontae Kim, Dongmin Kim), has geared up to enter the overseas market, firstly targeting the European market.


The company announced that it has obtained the CE quality certifications it needs to export its products, AI-based medical image analysis solutions.The solutions that have achieved CE certifications are as follows: JAD-02K(Brain parcellation & Cortical thickness analysis solution), JBA-01K(Brain MR image analysis solution), JBS-04K(Brain CT image analysis solution), JLK-01K(Lung CT image analysis solution), JLK-02K(Lung X-ray analysis solution)



JAD-02K analyzes MR images of the brain on the 3-dimensional basis and compares the result with norm figures of the same age groups. JBA-01K provides information on cerebral aneurysm while JBS-04K supplies data on cerebral hemorrhage to the practitioners. JLD-01K garners the figurative data on the diameter and volume of lung areas, and JLD-02K transforms pattern information of lung X-ray into figures by analyzing lung X-ray images.


These CE certifications on the five solutions were preceded by two European CE certifications, brain MR image analytics solution (JBS-01K) and prostate MR image analytics solution(JPC-01K) in May this year.


“This is a meaningful result that the solutions from JLK Inspection meet the international requirements for functions and qualifications in terms of effectiveness and stability. We will strive to prove our solutions’ competitiveness through successful global market entry,” said Dongmin Kim, CEO of JLK Inspection.


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