The 'social distancing' times brought forth by COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way our society functions, and the emergence of contact-free industries poses high expected value for future growth, as do technology-driven fields in this age of digital transformation. In other words, companies with high technology potential and a clear vision for growth are especially well-positioned for opportunities to quickly increase corporate value in this new stage. 


Such is the case for one Born2Global Centre member MoneyBrain, an AI-based English education platform with composite videos, that officially launched an interactive AI kiosk earlier this month. Although kiosks may be commonly found around us nowadays, many still feel uneasy with their complicated procedures and limited functions. Moneybrain set out to rectify the situation with their AI kiosks that are garnering much attention in various fields, such as finance, education, broadcasting, commerce, medical care, law, and public institutions by implementing sophisticated information and consultation services that address the limits of traditional kiosks.


MoneyBrain's AI kiosks mimic real human interaction through AI technology that combines speech and image synthesis, natural language processing, speech recognition, and advanced deep learning-This makes for natural counseling and guidance as if engaging in an actual conversation. In March, MoneyBrain's kiosk-type AI counselor was supplied to the financial sector for the first time via an AI experience zone that combines KB Kookmin Bank's financial services and artificial intelligence technology. 


MoneyBrain is also in continued discussions for strategic alliances on AI-hosting with Veritone, a NASDAQ-listed company, in the field of 'AI Human' that implements interactive AI features. They are also in talks with US e-commerce sellers in suggesting AI-commerce to automate the production of their promotional videos.





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