AIMS, a smart mobility specialty startup, will be providing an electric scooter battery-sharing platform throughout South America by starting with a pilot service in Santa Cruz, Bolivia in the second half of this year. AIMS will be introducing Korean domestic technology via the smart mobility electric scooter ‘Leo’ to the South American market, alongside the battery exchange station ‘Nanu’, and an all-purpose IoT battery ‘Nanu Battery’. 


AIMS plans on shipping an initial volume of about $100,000 worth of products, including the electric scooter 'Leo', battery sharing station 'Nanu', and an all-purpose IoT battery 'Nanu Battery' for local field tests, finalizing localization throughout the second half of this year with official sales expecting to begin early next year.


Bolivia is laying the groundwork for the development and industrialization of batteries for electric vehicles, which have the world's largest deposit of natural lithium, as the demand continues to increase.


AIMS signed a strategic memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Bolivia’s local oil company ‘Biopetrol’ in early April to expand the eco-friendly electric scooter battery sharing platform solutions throughout South America, starting with Bolivia. In particular, they plan to expand the scope of their business in smart cities that are being developed near the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


The battery exchange station ‘Nanu’ uses an all-purpose IoT battery designed for universal usage and provides solutions compatible with various electric scooters, boasting a limitless range of applications.

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