Born2Global Center held the first-ever intensive growth program (Boot-X Camp) from August 11 to 13 for Seoul National University graduate students who wish to branch out into the global market.


This intensive educational camp supports Seoul National University graduate students who have established prototypes based on innovative technologies to strengthen their entrepreneurial capabilities and revitalize the startup ecosystem.


The 7 startups that have been chosen through a rigorous selections process include: Cigro (data-based business management solution for eCommerce companies), K-CBD (development of health functional products using medical CBD), Smatech (health management solution for fatty livers and 10 major diseases), Coxwave (an AI engine- providing solution for all), Artificial Society (AI-based learning disability diagnosis and treatment solution), Aizen (NFT auction platform for YouTube creators), and Prism39 (a quantitative investment strategy automation platform using global financial big data).


The camp consists of 3 components: 1) specialized training sessions to strengthen competency in fields, such as management, patent, public relations, marketing, and fundraising for global expansion; 2) hands-on company briefs (IR) by local and international venture capitals (VC); and 3) exclusive mentorship with experienced entrepreneurs. 


Lecturers included the Chief Executive Director of Born2Global Centre Jongkap Kim, the Director of International Cooperation at Born2Global Centre Sokjin Chang, the renowned business coach for 500 Startups and Skydeck Samir Ghosh, the Managing Partner of the Hong Kong-based BraveSoldier Venture Capital Derek Kwik, the cofounder and CEO of Adriel Sophie Soowon Eom, patent attorney Byung-jun Song, and the associate of Big Basin Capital Sunki Hong. 


As corporate management mentors, representatives from Medi-Future, Toss Lab, Dtonic, Dot, Chequer, The.Wave.Talk, and VisualCamp, who are all members of the Born2Global Centre, have participated. As investor mentors, SparkLab Ventures, Platinum Investment, Bluepoint Partners, Big Basin Capital, Mark & Company, and DTCP (Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners) have shared management and investment-related insights.


On the last day, August 13, a company briefing session was held in front of the international and local VCs to select one out of the 7 startups that have completed the training course to receive support for the cost of prototyping. 


Each team pitched its service and technology in a given time, followed by a Q&A session. Five overseas VCs from the United States, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and China have participated in the evaluations.

Ultimately, Coxwave was the overall champion, and the runner-up prize went to Aizen. The winning company was awarded KRW 20M ($17K), and the runner-up was presented with KRW 10M ($8.5K) for prototype production. In addition, all participating companies of this intensive growth camp will continuously be provided with opportunities to advance into the global market through investment and tech-matching.


The Chief Executive Director of Born2Global Centre Jongkap Kim said, “The series of efforts put forth by the Centre are to lay the foundation for Korean companies to raise their status in the global market. As the intensive growth camp with Seoul National University provided a new direction and perspective for young startups, we will spare no pains to support them in becoming the future of Korean startups."


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