Artisan & Ocean, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, successfully launched its Kickstarter campaign with the all-in-one diving gear "DIVEROID." Artisan & Ocean is a scuba diving startup that develops hardware and software solutions able to supplant existing diving equipment.

On November 19, Artisan & Ocean achieved 1,000 percent of its Kickstarter goal fund within three days of launching its product. Currently, the amount raised totals over USD 191,000. The Kickstarter campaign ( will remain open until December 19.

DIVEROID, the product launched by Artisan & Ocean on Kickstarter, is an all-in-one diving gear that combines a safety device (diving computer) and underwater camera into one device. Not only did the company succeed in developing an all-in-one product that is easily attached to a smart phone, replacing multiple scuba diving items costing more than USD 2,500, it has also successfully reduced the cost to less than 10 percent.

Artisan & Ocean's new housing is waterproof at up to 60 meters underwater and has 3 buttons set automatically to be compatible with most smartphones, giving it both durability and compatibility. The company is currently also actively developing software technologies, including wide angle and 4K video filming, a smart logbook that the diving profile and photos are automatically synced together, and real-time color correction.

For more detailed benefits and features of DIVEROID include:

  • All-In-One Smart Dive Solution – DIVEROID offers an innovative dive computer, high-functioning underwater camera, compass, and dive logbook in one compact device that conveniently works with almost any available smartphone. DIVEROID's new app will additionally support free diving mode which includes depth alarm, static apnea, and more.
  • Use Your Smartphone Camera For Brilliant Images and Videos – DIVEROID allows your smartphone camera to fully function underwater, including using different camera angles, including ultra-wide, wide, zoom, selfie, and color correction, with simple button operation for high-resolution pictures and 4K videos which you can share in the DIVEROID app.
  • Dive Logbook -- No more keeping your logbooks by hand. DIVEROID maintains your logbooks automatically and syncs up to your pictures/video so that you can fully review your entire dive at a glance.
  • Safety Alerts – DIVEROID provides real-time diving safety alerts (even while filming and taking pictures) to prevent decompression illness by measuring depth, time and ascent speed with bright colors and vibration at any time during your dive.
  • Durability – DIVEROID features a Double O-ring system with a 60m (200ft) waterproof range, and is made with quality materials, including scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass and Polycarbonate with glass fiber for high strength and durability. The device's built-in battery also lasts for more than 500 dives, which is an estimated two years.
  • Anti-Fog System – Fog inside the housing ruins underwater pictures. DIVEROID has a built-in system, including five 'Heat sink™', which drains the heat, so it prevents fogging.


Beginning with Kickstarter, Artisan & Ocean will continue to carry out crowdfunding campaigns on Wadiz and Indiegogo until June 2020.

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