By Hyunjin Choi


AI service startup, MINDsLab(CEO Taejoon Yoo) announced that it will make a strategic investment in RedTie Butler, a chat-based travel concierge service provider. The SI was the first step of “Eco Minds Project”, a partnership accelerating program that MINDsLab launched last month. The partnership program is centered on “”, all-in-one AI service platform by MINDsLab and is expected to drive collaborations with start-ups and research institutes in all AI-related areas such as AI-application services, AI-based smart machines, and technologies including AI-algorithm and engines.



The strategic investment in RedTie was conducted to advance concierge Chatbot of RedTie Butler. As a result, “RedTie Butler Ver. 2.0” upgraded with “” will be released in September.

Since July 2018, RedTie Butler has provided “RedTie Butler Ver. 1.0”, AI-enhanced multi-language concierge solution to 230 hotels worldwide.


“Some companies have ideas for services without the skills to support the ideas. On the other hand, other companies have technologies but do not know how to combine it with AI services. Eco Minds Project is designed to vitalize collaboration among those startups so as to develop new technologies and maximize profits. “” from Eco Minds Project can play a vital role to connect those companies. Given the exponentially growing AI market, small and medium size startups can find a way to lead the AI field by collaborating together and responding to a market in a quick and effective manner,” said Taejoon Yoo, CEO of MINDsLab.


“” by MINDsLab is the most adaptable AI service for the company that does not know how to develop and add AI service to theirs.

“” is modularized, so it can be bespoke to diverse fields according to company’s needs: AI Customer Service Center, Smart Factory, AI Robot, AI English Education, and API Services. The platform is so simple that users can have their own AI service in a plug and play manner.


Minds Lab is an AI as a service company with a total of USD 6.6M revenue last year. The company secured USD 22M of investment in total from major VCs such as LB Investment and IBK-NH smallgiant PEF. In March 2019, it joined as an official member of AMII (Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute), one of the top 3 AI research institutes in Canada. AMII has partnered with the University of Alberta and Google DeepMind to develop AlphaGo.


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