Each year, we select over 100 companies to join our one-year membership accelerator program, by providing services such as consulting and business development to expand their businesses globally.


How we support

Consultation on legal, patent, accounting, PR and marketing issues for global market.

Foreign and domestic demo-days/roadshows for investment attraction and pitching opportunities.

Educational programs that help companies to prepare for future overseas expansion.

Incubation workspace with convenient facilities for stabilizing business base.

Product/market fit programs which allow startups to understand where and how to position themselves.


Who are you seeking for

- Technology innovative ICT companies who aim to expand their businesses globally.

* We welcome all ICT companies, but here are five target areas we are excited about :

“Healthcare, Mobility, Energy, Agritech, Safety/Security”


How it works

1st round(2/26~3/11) : Document screening process with internal experts.

2nd round(3/12~3/30) : Document evaluation with external experts.

Interview with internal and external experts.


Apply Here : https://formstack.io/9F603







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The 2021 Born2Global Centre membership applications are opening next week!


In search of the latest and greatest in deep-tech, Born2Global Centre will be opening membership applications from March 3rd to 31 for a new batch of startups with ICT convergence technology. 


Applications will be available either for the “Market-driven scaleup” or “Global business prep” category depending on the respective needs, and Born2Global Centre will select up to 50 and 30 startups, respectively. 


For those interested in “Market-driven scaleup”, Born2Global Centre offers exclusive onsite/online programs tailored to your product/service befitting target markets via matches with local partners and customers. With “Global business prep” members, a unique global acceleration program called Boot-X Program will provide a concentrated wealth of information and access to expand your business to international markets. In addition, all members are entitled to benefits of legal/patent/accounting/PR/business consultations for global scale-ups, as well as global IR/tech-matching, seminars, and networking programs.


Join our Born2Global Centre family of successful startups for a wide array of global entry and expansion expert consultation and services. With specialized in-house services, we have been able to achieve 800+ business development cases, 300+ accounting services, 300+ patent registrations, 290 PR exposure, 280+ creative marketing strategies, 200+ legal consultations, and 4 investments for our member startups in 2020 alone. 


Also, last year marked significant milestones for our member startups, including an IPO by Alchera, overseas incorporations by VisualCamp, thingsflow, and LUXROBO, and $247 Million total investments by Riiid ($50 Million) and 37 more. With over 100 registered international patents and pending trademark and design patents through Born2Global Centre in-house lawyers, our member startups have been able to achieve almost $72 Million in total revenue in 2020 amidst an unprecedented pandemic, all the while winning 25 international accolades by Ssenstone, Bluevisor, and more. 


Results for Born2Global Centre membership will be announced at the end of April, and we look forward to seeing your applications soon!

For more details, please refer to the following link: https://born2global.com/usereventview.do?event_no=164&event_type=D&image_yn=-1&start_date=&event_bool=#


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