Korean content startup Dable becomes a top-ranking company in the media category on the Financial Times Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies for 2021. The online content platform has ranked 46th place out of the top 500 companies listed on the Financial Times Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies for 2021.


In partnership with Nikkei Asia and Statista, the Financial Times ranked the top 500 companies from across the Asia-Pacific region based on the highest compound annual growth in revenue between 2016 and 2019.


Providing content consumption information to websites


Dable, based in South Korea, is a technology startup that carries world-class big data processing and personalization technology. It analyzes the behavioral pattern and contents consumed by the media’s website visitors. It provides ‘Dable News’ and ‘Dable Native Ad’ – both of which recommend contents and ads that users may be most interested in.


“Being ranked on the prestigious list is a marker that Dable has achieved great performance three years since entering the Asian market,” said Chaehyun Lee, CEO of the global content discovery platform. “Currently, over 2,800 media in Asia, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, use Dable’s content recommendation solution. Dable has positioned itself as the most used personalized recommendation platform in South Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Despite being a latecomer in Taiwan, it maintains its position as the top player in the industry by quickly chasing after its competitors.”


‘Dable News’ contributes to increasing the user’s dwell time on the website and content consumption by recommending contents visitors may like most. Through ‘Dable News,’ users can easily find the content they want, thereby lifting their satisfaction with media use. ‘Dable Native Ad’ shows advertisements in a design that matches the surrounding contents on the recommendation area. It helps build a positive brand image by gaining high attention.


Plans to expand business aggressively


Dable, headquartered in South Korea, was established in 2015. The startup has been recognized for its technology, with awards such as K-Global DB-Stars Grand Prize(2015), Korea Online Advertising Grand Prize(2016), TIPS Award Grand Convention(2017), Ministry of Science and ICT Grand Prize(2019), Ministerial Citation of Ministry of Science and ICT(2020).


Dable had recently got its Series C investment and has raised $20 million in funding to date. It provides services to Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia through partnerships with over 2,800 global premium media including MBC, KBS, Ettoday, NOWnews, Liputan6, Suara, Thanhnien, Bongda, Ripple Media and Nanyang Siang Pau.“Dable will expand its business into Singapore, China, Thailand, Turkey, Australia, and Hong Kong this year, aiming to serve all countries in Asia by 2024. We will become the No.1 content discovery platform in Asia with high-quality technology and unique products.”

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