IdeaLink has unveiled an innovative 3D mobile golf analysis system and a smart golf club based on the IoT through the crowdfunding platform Wadiz Funding.


IdeaLink, an innovative Korean venture company, unveiled the world’s first avatar golf swing analysis system based on the IoT through the crowdfunding platform Wadiz Funding on August 29.

IdeaLink is one of the Korean companies groomed by the K-ICT Born2Global Center, which supports promising technology companies so that they can go global.

The company’s new product, dubbed “3D Mobile Golf Analyzer-Smart Golf Club,” analyzes users’ swing postures and habits real time, enabling them to make corrections.

The innovative product is expected to be officially launched at the end of October. Yet it has already gained recognition for its technological excellence in the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The smart golf analysis system introduces an avatar swing analysis for the first time in the world. The system reproduces swing postures of users based on the data collected from various angles in 3D animations, allowing them to observe each part of their swing postures in real time accurately.

The Smart Golf Club supports games from mobile courses in the same environment as real golf courses, providing an environment where players can enjoy golf anytime, anywhere. 3D modeling can give golfers practical help by extracting a variety of angular and cubic data and providing a more accurate swing posture and habit analysis.

A real-time golf simulation game that shows a real golfer's swing rather than a swing animation.


Another feature is that the golf club is loaded with an integrated swing analysis system with a built-in sensor.

“We began to develop the smart golf club in 2014 and managed to get funding for it at Kickstarter in the US. Our product garnered much attention in exhibitions in the UK, France, Spain and China,” said Kim Jong-min, president of IdeaLink. “The product that will be launched at Wadiz this time is a much improved version. We have made improvements based on positive responses and advice from many supporters. Golfers can buy it with an 80-percent discount from the US.”

"Our products are loved by professional golfers and lesson pros. We will continue to develop various services and products that combine mobile and golf through our accumulated IoT technology and know-how," Kim added.

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