Aniai, a member of Born2Global Centre, got selected as one of the 10 companies that will participate in "Microsoft for Startups". Aniai, one of the most promising Korean startups, has developed a labor solution for quick service restaurants by building a robotic kitchen.


Aniai was selected as one of the 10 startups in Q3 by Microsoft. "Microsoft for Startups" is a startup accelerator run by Microsoft that identifies a rising startup that has already acquired its own core technology. Through this program, Microsoft provides strong support for the startup to enter the global markets. Microsoft assists with Azure credits equivalent to 120,000 dollars and also provides an opportunity to take part in Co-Sell with Microsoft.


Aniai develops a robotic kitchen based on its core robot technology to design/control robots. Its robots are further reinforced by its unique cognitive technology with artificial intelligence(AI). With these technologies, Aniai presents a shining solution for the quick service restaurants as the robotic kitchen can accelerate Digital Transformation(DX). A majority of the quick service restaurants and other restaurants are struggling with labor shortage due to the shrinking HR pool of young men and women. Aniai intends to supply the required labor force with the robotic kitchen and to guarantee the hygiene and quality of the food prepared in the restaurants. Moreover, Aniai will lower the work intensity in the kitchens which will lead to the higher employment rate for the senior workers in the entire food industry.


It is anticipated that Aniai will head for rapid growth with Microsoft for Startups. The program consists of an empowering process and networking programs with both domestic and overseas venture capital corporations. The Co-Sell with the partners of Microsoft will also result in the business opportunities with the domestic and overseas partners. Technology-wise, Aniai can use Microsoft's Azure Cloud to build the operating system of the robotic kitchen, allowing it to manage thousands of the equipment from headquarters.


Aniai as one of the most promising startups in Korea, has won the first prize in the K-Startup League 2020. Aniai aims to build up its presence in domestic markets and expand into international markets as well.


The value of an IT "moving service"


Just as families and companies move to new homes, corporate IT services also need to be moved around. As infrastructures age, corporate IT services increasingly struggle with decreased service speed or even service discontinuation, forcing them to move to new infrastructures regularly in order to maintain their functions and content.


ZConverter is an automated multi-cloud migration SaaS company who helps migrate workloads

to/from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Bluemix, OpenStack, CloudStack with any hypervisor.

ZConverter is an automated multi-cloud migration SaaS company who helps migrate workloads to/from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Bluemix, OpenStack, CloudStack with any hypervisor.


ZConverter is an automated multi-cloud migration SaaS company who helps migrate workloads to/from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Bluemix, OpenStack, CloudStack with any hypervisor. ZConverter is a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre.


Today, there are already numerous solutions and services for moving workloads to the cloud. However, there are relatively few services that are capable of moving workloads to the cloud of a company's choice regardless of its operational environment. ZConverter's greatest advantage is that it can move any type of corporate-operated workloads, including physical servers, virtual machines, and cloud instances, to the cloud. The company currently offers not only on-premises-to-cloud transfers but also comprehensive cloud migration services that can move data from one major cloud service (such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, or Oracle Cloud) to another. Currently, Korean companies are looking to cloud migration as a viable option. The Korean conglomerate Hanwha S&C launched an OpenStack-based Private Cloud service in 2016 and moved Hanwha's group-wide system to the cloud. Thanks to ZConverter, Hanwha S&C succeeded in moving 500 workloads to the cloud in a very short period of time.


ZCloud is currently providing its service to corporations in SaaS (software-as-a-service) format via, through which services can be conveniently moved to the desired virtual machine(s) for a fixed fee per machine. All the corporation has to do is log onto, enter the location of the existing VMs, Physical Servers or Cloud Instances. Once the conversion button is clicked, the automated cloud migration process begins.


The four steps of automated cloud migration


ZConverter Cloud Migration is comprised of four steps: imaging (source image capturing), replication (image transferring), conversion (conversion to Cloud Platform), and cleaning (removal of any unnecessary configurations). Fundamentally, ZConverter Cloud Migration is based on workload imaging and conversion software technologies.


While most competitors use open-source utilities for capturing source image, ZConverter employs independently developed original imaging technology.


DJ Min, CEO of ZConverter Inc. said, "Using open-source software for cloud migration results in very long service down-times for companies, not to mention high migration failure rates. As ZConverter does not alter the original version of the service during the migration process, so if the migration process fails, all the customers have to do for failback is just running the original production server and try to move workloads to cloud later."


The importance of cloud migration services


Min explained, "Cloud migration that requires an engineer to manually re-install all software and services individually is highly expensive and time consuming. With ZConverter, however, customers can move their systems easily and conveniently. Although there are many companies offering migration tools, I am willing to bet that ZConverter is the only one that supports all cloud types and heterogeneous environments. Regardless of the system the customer is currently using, we can move it to any cloud the customer wants."

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