By Hyunjin Choi


Cross-platform provider, Hellofactory has landed $1.65M in a recent investment. A Korean social game company, Devsisters, and a public financial institution, Korea credit guarantee fund have led this round of investment. With a message delivering service platform, Hellofactory provides technology-driven smart call bells that are upgraded from those usually seen on a restaurant table to draw the server’s attention. Not only does it manufacture beacon-type call bells, but it also varies the product line to a smartwatch that enables communication among a server, cook, and patron. 



Prior to the recent investment, Hellofactory already raised funding for Bigdata and H/W solution development and market expansion through TIPS, a tech incubator program for Korean startups in March. With the newly secured funds, the company plans to accelerate its expansion of the business in North America and European market entry. “Understanding the North America market and the current IoT landscape drove this round of investment,” said Hyeonggyu Choi, CEO of Devsisters. “Since our successful market entry into North America, Hello Bell has received high satisfaction reviews from stores under our service. We can cater to the needs of the clients and the sustain expansion of the sales floor. Besides, we will upgrade our service and products that analyze and predict the operational pattern in a store by utilizing data collected by Hello Bell service,” stated Kenny Kim, CEO of HelloFactory.


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