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“Nowadays, too much screen time is threatening people’s eye health. Our priority is to protect eye health in a harmful environment with our digital vision therapy device,” said Sungyong Park, CEO of Edenlux. The company released a vision therapy product, Otus in May 2019. This goggle type-vision therapy product helps to improve the average visual acuity of people by having eye muscles exercise 5 minutes everyday. As a smart device, Otus differentiates itself from analogue products from Bernell which is a leading company in vision therapy field. The way it operates is simple. Once users wear Otus like VR glasses, it automatically analyzes the user’s eye status and provides tailored eye muscle exercises. Moreover, it weighs only 365g, which means users are able to carry it with no time and place constraints. “Those who needed better vision relied mainly on experts before, and sometimes it is a tedious and expensive process. But with Otus, people can conduct vision therapy at home in an easy way at a low cost. Our goal is to pioneer a digital vision therapy market and be a global leader,” mentioned Dr. Park.


Park is a medical doctor who suffered from a low vision issue after an accident. He was diagnosed with eye muscle tissues that had lost strength, which caused a vision problem. While he was discouraged from a series of failures from hospital treatments, one day he found a solution to treat his vision by training weakened eye muscles, and eventually recovered his sight after 6 months. Based on the experience, he focused on study of the vision therapy field during his clerkship at Harvard Medical School and eventually established Edenlux in June 2016. “In other countries, optometrists specializes in examining, diagnosing, and treating eye condition especially with vision therapy. In general, the vision therapy from optometrists costs $140 per hour and the special therapy device is hard to utilize without help from experts. “I thought I would stand a chance when I devised a potable vision therapy goggles that can be used without experts’ assistance,” stated Dr. Park.



Edenlux takes pride in the fact that it is the first vision therapy device converged with digital technology. Otus is compatible with a smartphone application. Once connected with the application, it conducts precise eye checkups with 10 special optic lenses embedded in the device. The result is sent to the main server, leading to a tailored vision training. Otus provides three steps of eye-enhancing programs: presbyopia and children near sightedness training, squint-eye correction training, and amblyopia training. “People can manage eye health anywhere and even discover their eye problems at an early stage,” said Dr. Park. Edenlux has a plan to verify the effectiveness of Otus through clinical trials. It started clinical tests on astigmatism in June subjected to 60 people with Dongkuk University Ilsan hospital, a major university hospital in Korea. In terms of myopia, the company is planning medical trials within this year in cooperation with Gachon University Gil Medical Center, and strabismus clinical trials at Samsung Medical Center, which are the most prestigious hospitals in Korea.



Since its launching in May, 500 units have been sold in two months. Edenlux sets its sales goal for 2019 at USD 820K and for 2020 at USD 8M, expecting to expand its customer base both in domestic and overseas markets. It obtained a good reputation in the prominent startup world forum, GES 2019 (Global Entrepreneurship Summit) held in Hague, Netherlands in June. This forum is hosted in the United States and the Netherlands and had over 2000 companies this year, including Edenlux. It also took part in CES 2019(Consumer Electronics Show) and attracted the highest number of visitors among Korean participating startups. “We saw our potential attending major global exhibitions. As our next step, we are planning to establish a branch in LA and Europe next year,” added Dr. Park.



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