Latin America’s leading gaming and entertainment content publishing company, FHL Games, announced that it will launch blockchain-based user authentication and payment service digital, “KAYBO KEEPIN”, in Google Play Store.


FHL Games Co. LTD, established in 2008, operates the gaming and entertainment content publishing service, KAYBO.COM, which is enjoyed by more than 20 million users in 25 countries in the Latin American region, including Mexico, Brazil and Peru. . FHL Games publishes and distributes globally popular games such as Point Blank, Special Force, Gunz, MU, and PIN from PLAYERUN ancla’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) for Steam. They also have the right to publish Game of Thrones, a game created based on the popular HBO television series, and League of Angels 3 in 2020.


Through KAYBO KEEPIN, FHL Games provides secure and convenient user access management and digital payment service to its KAYBO.COM users. KAYBO KEEPIN’s identity access management features include a 2-factor authentication system, simple service registration, and passwordless login. In addition, it supports the purchase, shipping and exchange of K-Coin, the virtual currency of KAYBO.COM, integrated with 120 local payment channels and cryptocurrencies based on ERC20 such as Ethereum (ETH), Latam Cash (LMCH) and Metadum Token (GOAL). The 20 million users of KAYBO.COM can now safely and conveniently manage their gaming account and assets from their mobile phones.


The main blockchain technology that KAYBO KEEPIN uses is ‘Decentralized Identity (DID)’, which is known for the basis of the Self-Sovereign Identity System (SSI), which envisions granting power and responsibility to share access and control personal information in the hands of the individual. KAYBO KEEPIN users will be able to have complete ownership and secure control of their personal information on their own mobile device linked with their own biometric signature or PIN codes. KAYBO KEEPIN DID is based on the public blockchain platform, called Metadium, which is jointly developed between Coinplug and Metadium technologies in 2018.


For the development of the service, FHL Games partnered with the power of South Korean blockchain technology, Coinplug, one of South Korea’s oldest and most influential blockchain technology companies. Founded by former Cisco Systems engineers, Coinplug is the company with the most blockchain patents in the world, recognized in October 2019 by Harrity & Harrity, a leading US patent firm. In terms of patent applications, we are ranked among the top 10 companies in the world. Coinplug is running various blockchain businesses and projects domestically and internationally, with organizations such as the City of Busan, Korea National Postal Services, Korea Internet Security Agency, Hyundai Card, and SK Telecom.


“Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have great potential to play a very important role in driving innovation in underdeveloped financial services in Latin America.” said Chul Jeong, CEO of FHL Games, “And, especially for the gaming industry, where virtual identification, digital payment and asset trading have been adopted on a large scale, users can quickly embrace blockchain technology and help to create a healthier and safer ecosystem. “

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