Changing the way people pay! - Hankook NFC


Take a look on how a payment is done with just a simple gesture of putting two phones back to back!

B2G’s fin-tech member startup Hankook NFC 한국NFC (B2G '16-'17) is

the creator of the Phone2Phone (P2P) Simple Payment System.

By using P2P Simple Payment System,

small and individual merchants and sellers can accept credit card payments

using Samsung Pay or EMV contactless card without the traditional POS system or credit card terminals.


Changing the way people pay!


You no longer need to limit your payment method to a POS System.


You can now buy or sell anything with just your smartphone.


With a working smartphone, you can use it wherever and whenever.


Use it with phone-to-card, phone-to-phone or any device powered byNFC technology.


You can now sell your products easily,with just a payment link on any SNS service.


This service is available via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and check card.







Anywhere, Anytime phone2phone Simple Payment System 

Hankook NFC is a fin-tech startup and the creator of the Phone2Phone Simple Payment System. This payment service for Samsung Pay, is a quick and simple payment app for “unbanked payees” who have low or no credit scores to qualify for merchant accounts or small/individual merchants who want to be able to accept credit card payment anytime anywhere.

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