Buzzvil, a global leading provider of rewarded ads platform and a member company of the Born2Global Centre, today announced that the company hit 10.5 million monthly active users worldwide following its drive to reach more users by introducing unique mobile ad units.

Established in 2012, the Softbank-backed company kicked off with BuzzScreen, an SDK flagship product, tailored for businesses, that uses the mobile lockscreen as an effective ad unit. 

In a bid to reach more users, Buzzvil recently launched BuzzAd which delivers rewarded ads not only on the lockscreens, but also on in-app inventories, Android chat head type ad units and more. These ads surfaces are unique and only available through Buzzvil's SDK integration. 

According to the company's recent analysis, the return on advertising spend of rewarded ads was 200% higher than that of non-rewarded ads. Also, the purchase over the impression was up to 330% higher. 

John Lee, CEO of Buzzvil, stated, "Through the smartphone lockscreens, our advertisers were able to reach only 10% of our partner's users. But with our new ad units, advertisers will be able to reach all of the partner's app users." 

"By introducing more effective ads surfaces, we will help our partners to gain more revenue and advertisers to enjoy a higher performance," he added. 

Buzzvil has more than 100 global publishing partners, including South Korea's Lotte, CJ One, Japan's East Japan Railway Company, Loyalty Marketing, Inc., the operator of Ponta Point, and Russia's Fly Mobile. Its main advertisers include eBay, Samsung, Adidas, Toyota, Jaguar, and BMW.


By Jina Lee, Hyunjin Choi


ASEAN major telecommunication companies made a visit to Korea to meet innovative tech-based companies.


Born2Global Centre(Chief Executive Director Jongkap Kim) announced that it held “ASEAN-Korea ICT Partnership Platform 2019” on September 18th and 19th in Pangyo Startup Campus co-hosted with Seongnam industry promotion agency(CEO Sangcheol Cha).


The platform was set for both ASEAN major telecoms and Korean tech startups to develop the new business model cooperatively and to produce tangible business results by expanding global networks. The event proceeded in the form of one on one business meeting to amplify active B2B performances.



Over 50 leading Korean tech startups and 9 ASEAN telecommunication participated in the partnership platform and conducted over 120 business meetings.

The ASEAN telecommunications are as follows:

ACASIA Communications, Telekom Malaysia, Digi Telecom, Edotco Group, YTL Communications in Malaysia, Telkom Indonesia and MNC Vision Networks in Indonesia, CMC telecom in Vietnam and Advanced Info Service(AIS) in Thailand.

The Korean startup list includes MINDsLab, ASD Korea, 12cm, Buzzvil, Visual Camp, THE.WAVE.TALK, I-ON Communications, LOCKIN company, Xabyss and 40 other companies.



“It was a great chance for us to know a variety of solutions with groundbreaking technologies in Korea. Since it is assumed that there are many potential telecommunication service areas that Korean and ASEAN companies can develop together, we will vigorously propel the practical business achievement such as closing contracts,” said Henri Setiawan Wyatno, the vice president of Telkom Indonesia, which dominates 90% of Indonesian telecommunication market.



“Diverse collaboration opportunities were created by matching renowned global telecommunication companies with innovative Korean startups. Participants were able to discuss actual business challenges. Through this event, it is envisioned that telecommunication companies will be able to provide a differentiated service with more advanced tech in local markets. In turn, Korean companies will be able to expand their business scope abroad. We believe this event will continue on as a premiere conference attracting top international participants,” said Jongkap Kim, the chief executive director of Born2Global centre.


The world's first and largest mobile lockscreen media platform provider and a member company of the Born2Global Centre, Buzzvil announced its partnership with Ponta, Japan's major loyalty and points programme operated by Loyalty Marketing Inc., to launch "Tamaru Screen x Ponta". Tamaru Screen is Buzzvil's SDK brand in the Japanese market.

Buzzvil partnered with Ponta, Japan's major loyalty and points programme operated

by Loyalty Marketing Inc., to launch "Tamaru Screen x Ponta".

This app allows users to get Ponta Points in exchange for consuming personalized content and ads on the smartphone lockscreen. Earned Ponta Points can be used to get discounts at more than 200,000 of Ponta's affiliated stores across Japan. Users will have easy access to Ponta cards on the first screen and information of their accumulated points.


Meanwhile, the Softbank-backed startup has partnered with East Japan Railway Company to launch Tamaru Screen x JRE POINT, which allows users to get JRE POINT in exchange for consuming various content on the mobile's first screen.


Buzzvil focuses on its B2B businesses, BuzzScreen and Tamaru Screen, based on its internationally patented SDK (Software Development Kit) which provides white label lockscreen mobile applications for publishers so they can generate additional revenue and enhance user engagement.


Buzzvil apps earn 6 billion monthly impressions from 30 countries, having more than 50 global publishing partners, such as Lotte and CJ One. Its main advertisers include eBay, Samsung, Adidas, Toyota, Jaguar, and BMW.


Tamaru Screen x Ponta can be downloaded here (Japan Only).


For more detailed information on Buzzvil, visit

World's first and largest mobile lockscreen media platform provider Buzzvil, a member company of Born2Global Centre, has partnered with East Japan Railway Company to launch "Tamaru Screen x JRE POINT".

Buzzvil has partnered with East Japan Railway Company to launch "Tamaru Screen x JRE POINT".

This trial app allows users to get JRE POINT in exchange for consuming personalized content and ads on the smartphone lockscreen or the first screen until March 30, 2019. Earned points will be visible the next day.

Users can easily access the real-time information of metro lines operated by JR-East, such as train delay notification and more, on the lockscreen. The points can be used to get discount on transportation fare and in stores that accept payment with the JRE Point.

This offer may be extended in accordance with the agreement between Buzzvil and East Japan Railway Company after the trial period.

This deal comes as the Softbank Ventures Asia-backed startup has been selected as one of the finalist of East Japan Railway Company's JR East Startup Program 2018. The program invites proposals from venture companies that better the railway company's services and business.

Buzzvil focuses on its B2B business, BuzzScreen, based on its internationally patented SDK (Software Development Kit) which provides white label lockscreen mobile application for app publishers, telcos and smartphone device makers so they can generate additional revenue and enhance user engagement.

The fast-growing startup earns 5.4 billion monthly impressions from 30 countries, having more than 50 global publishing partners, such as Lotte, CJ One and more. Its main advertisers include eBaySamsungAdidasToyotaJaguar and BMW.


Tamaru Screen x JRE POINT can be downloaded here (Japan Only).

- Softbank-backed Buzzvil acquires India and Pakistan's leading lockscreen content curator SlideApp
- Second acquisition since US's largest lockscreen app, Slidejoy, in 2017
- Aims to widen global reach with internationally patented lockscreen SDK


World's largest mobile lockscreen media platform, Buzzvil, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, announced it has acquired India and Pakistan's leading lockscreen content curator SlideApp as part of its effort to tighten its grip in the global mobile ad market. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Buzzvil has acquired India and Pakistan’s leading lockscreen content curator SlideApp as part of its effort to tighten its grip in the global mobile ad market.

John Lee, CEO of Buzzvil, said, "By taking SlideApp under our wing, Buzzvil is able to onboard excellent developers and continue to scale its geographic reach not only in the Asian, European and the U.S. market, but also IndiaPakistan and the Middle East."

SlideApp made a grand entrance in IndiaPakistan and the Middle East by hitting more than five million downloads within just 12 months of its launch in 2016. The app allows users to get rewards for reading content on the mobile lockscreen, a cost-efficient marketing tool for businesses.

The SlideApp team members also have a history of successfully exiting their previous company, Ultra Caption Corp., in 2014 to Kakao, the operator of South Korea'sdominant mobile messenger KakaoTalk, who acknowledged their technical achievements and skills. At Ultra Caption Corp., the team members had launched a slew of applications including a dating app translated as "I Want to Meet Your Friend, Not You" which reached more than 1.4 million downloads.

"The SlideApp's team, equipped with global experience will join Buzzvil, further propelling the company's drive to move mobile lockscreen advertising forward and shape the mobile advertising landscape worldwide," John said.

This is Buzzvil's second deal since the acquisition of New York City based startup, Slidejoy, which rewards users for putting news and advertisements on their mobile lockscreens, in 2017. Slidejoy offers mobile users rewards in exchange for allowing ads on their lockscreen.

Buzzvil, backed by Softbank Ventures, focuses on its B2B business, BuzzScreen, based on its internationally patented SDK (Software Development Kit) which provides white label lockscreen mobile applications for publishers so they can generate additional revenue and enhance user engagement.

The company displays 5.4 billion monthly impressions in 30 countries, from more than 50 publishing partners. Its main advertisers include eBay, Samsung, Adidas, Toyota, Jaguar and BMW.

For more detailed information on Buzzvil, please visit

Buzzvil, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre provides a mobile lockscreen advertising service. Upon its founding, Buzzvil first considered providing a service through which compensation is provided to people who participate in viral marketing campaigns on social media sites. The two founders named the company "Buzzvil" to signify the "buzz" they would create through this viral marketing platform.

In the preparation stage, however, changes were made to the plan and the current service became the company's main product. Buzzvil CEO John Lee said he got the idea for a lockscreen advertising service from the screen doors on subway station platforms.

Dreaming of the first mobile lockscreen ecosystem

Based on Lee's goal of creating the first mobile lockscreen ecosystem, Buzzvil unveiled BuzzScreen, a business-to-business (B2B) model, following its HoneyScreen product.

BuzzScreen is provided to partner companies as a software development kit (SDK). When a partner company installs the BuzzScreen SDK on their application, the users of the application will be able to use the reward advertising platform on their lockscreens without having to install a separate application. Partner companies receive a share of the marketing profits and use a part of the lockscreen to promote their own products as well, while users can watch advertisements and earn reward points.

In May 2015, Buzzvil partnered with OK Cashbag to provide its BuzzScreen service and expanded its partnerships with telecommunications companies and various other companies that offer loyalty programs. Currently, Buzzvil has over 40 partners in Korea, including OK Cashbag, BC Card, T-Money, KT WhoWho, Lotte L.Point, and 11st.

Taking on the world with HoneyScreen and BuzzScreen

Buzzvil is now expanding its business beyond Korea to the United StatesJapan, and other Asian and European countries. To launch its service in the United States, Buzzvil acquired SlideJoy, an American mobile lockscreen advertising company, in November 2016. HoneyScreen is a service that targets mainly Asian users, while SlideJoy is its equivalent for North American and European users.

Currently, Buzzvil has 70 employees and is operating overseas branches in the United StatesJapan, and Taiwan. After advancing into the United States in 2014 to conduct research on and develop advertising technology, Buzzvil is now expanding its business in the American market through SlideJoy.

Prior to entering the United States, Buzzvil began operating in Japan in May 2013 with its HoneyScreen application, and released BuzzScreen more recently in the second quarter of 2017. The company is expected to maintain stable growth in Japan, having reached the break-even point with HoneyScreen in the third quarter of 2016. Starting in 2018, Buzzvil's growth is also expected to pick up pace in Taiwan, where the company began operating in 2015.

Doubling growth every year and increasing share of sales overseas

Having doubled its sales every year so far, Buzzvil's sales are expected to grow from KRW 20 billion in 2016 to KWR 35 billion in 2017. This incredible growth is being driven mainly by the dramatic increase in overseas sales rather than domestic sales.

CEO Lee said, "Our growth has doubled every year in Korea. Although we are now only in the early stages of signing partnership agreements with foreign companies, I believe that our incredible growth will continue overseas as well." Lee's goal is to increase the company's share of foreign sales from the current 20 percent to around 40 percent.

It was this goal that drove Buzzvil to plan its B2B service model, BuzzScreen, and register for the global patent. The company also hired foreign developers to create a more global UX design in the development stage and looked for local partners in its overseas advancement stage as well.

For more detailed information on the Buzzvil, visit



The largest mobile lockscreen advertising platform in Asia joins forces with leading mobile device maker in Europe to subsidize devices with its lockscreen advertising platform.

As Amazon has expanded its repertoire of prime exclusive phones with different device giants including LG, Nokia, Motorola, and Alcatel to give an option to consumers that they could purchase phones at discounted prices to display ads on their lockscreen, the lockscreen advertising funded discount model has become a very attempting option for mobile device makers. However, there has been no device manufacturer implementing the concept outside the Amazon's territory as the program is exclusively offered for its Amazon Prime members.

Wileyfox, the leading UK mobile device maker, is launching its first lockscreen ad-funded device in the UK this December through the strategic partnership with Buzzvil, the leading lockscreen advertising platform based out of Seoul, South Korea.

Consumers will be able to purchase Wileyfox's phone with lockscreen offers, discounted by £40. Just like other so-called 'Sharing Economy' services, users are renting out their previously idle lockscreen space to the company and agreed to receive personalized ads, trending news and content from hundreds of publishers. Wileyfox and Buzzvil are technically helping consumers better utilize their lockscreen space by selling these ads inventories altogether as bundled and letting them enjoy discounts on device purchase.

Buzzvil, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, has been a market leader in the lockscreen advertising business with over 17 million users from its flagship apps, HoneyScreen and Slidejoy, and its dozens of publishers using the company's patented lockscreen SDK technology, BuzzScreen. Buzzvil is considered the best partner for partnerships of the kind in terms of its technology and extensive capabilities in ads revenue maximization although it is the first time that Buzzvil is working on subsidizing discounts on mobile devices through lockscreen advertising with adevice manufacturer.

Considering the fact that smartphone device manufacturers are confronting a fierce competition, this adfunded discount will give Wileyfox a huge edge when it comes to its price competitiveness. Right now the deal only applies to five smartphones - the new Spark+, SparkX, Swift2, Swift2+, and Swift2X - every model of which is available in the UK at this point. Buzzvil and Wileyfox are planning to take the partnership further to more diverse device line-ups as well as its other European markets.



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