Konolabs, the AI scheduling service provider, has announced Kono Slack bot is available on Slack app directory.


Konolabs announced Kono for Slack, the release of their scheduling bot is now available on Slack. The bot allows teams to schedule ad hoc meetings and manage their work calendars directly from Slack.

With their new product, the company aims to help customers with their growing need to plan for the unplanned meetings in a world where many things come up last minute. Whenever there is a need to call a meeting on the fly, you can simply tag Kono or use "/kono" commands to schedule a meeting within a Slack channel. Kono will arrange a meeting at a time that suits everyone’s availability and notifies an overlap if there is one. The bot can also to give a summary of your meeting schedule and make changes to meetings if needed to.

“The idea of building a Slack bot came up quite spontaneously as we were brainstorming ways to improve how we set up our own internal meetings,” says YJ Min, CEO and Co-founder of Konolabs. “We noticed that most of our internal meetings are ad-hoc meetings and are called on Slack. This sort of naturally led us to try building a bot that lives within Slack and can set up meetings as we’re chatting in a channel.”

Especially, the company said in a blog post that it integrated latest interactive UI elements of Slack such as buttons, drop-down menus, dialogue components in order to put their users on a predictable path where they can see how the bot carries out a scheduling task.

The company has been running the scheduling email bot service since its official launch last September and will run Kono Slack-bot as an open beta starting today. Kono for Slack is free to use and works with Google, G-Suite, and Office 365 calendars, and Konolabs is also planning to add premium features of its Slack bot for their business customers with various pricing plans.



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