CORNERS, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, received an Innovation Award at CES Innovation Awards 2020 in the "Tech for a Better World" category in recognition of its new technology that responds intelligently to gunfire.


CORNERS’ new product--a technology recognized for its excellence of smart evacuation system

for the active shooting emergency--is “the result of tireless efforts to address problems in societal safety”



CORNERS will be introducing Intelevac (Intelligent Evacuation System), an intelligent response system based on gunfire recognition, at CES 2020, which will be held from January 7 through 10, 2020 in Las Vegas. Booth: Tech West, Sand Expo Level 1, No.53322 (Eureka Park)



The Intelevac system recognizes the sound of gunfire and immediately gives instructions for evacuation; it even proposes rescue strategies based on current, on-site conditions. The Intelevac uses the latest AIoT (Artificial intelligence of things) technology to not only ascertain the location of the shooter, but also to determine whether the situation constitutes a crisis. The system also responds in real-time, making it possible to prevent further casualties.


Founded in 2014, CORNERS develops Real-time Intrusion & Disaster Detection System and Intelligent Management System for Hot-pipe, as well as Safety Intelligence Guidance System, etc. 

Tony Kim, CEO of CONERS said, "Receiving the CES Innovation Award is the result of our efforts to find solutions to some of the problems plaguing societal safety, such as gun violence, which occurs with regrettable and alarming frequency. CORNERS will continue to work toward a future in which the innovative technologies of Korean venture companies fuel the evolution of the global safety paradigm." Based on its recognition this year by CES, the company will be accelerating its project to install the gunfire response system at large public facilities (airports, shopping malls, etc.) in the US starting in 2020.

CORNERS has already begun making headway in the North American market, as evidenced by its establishment of a US subsidiary in September in Philadelphia, PA. The company is currently working with public institutions and schools along the U.S. East Coast, including those in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, for system installation. CORNERS also recently received the grand prize at a Demo Day held by FedTech and Korea Innovation Center (KIC) in October in Washington DC.




By Hyunjin Choi


Born2Global has announced that its member company, THE.WAVE.TALK, is honored with CES Innovation Awards 2020 in the Home Appliance category for New Laser Sensor for Bacteria Detection.


Coupled with the technology transferred from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST), the technology of THE.WAVE.TALK can detect micro-substances such as micro particles and invisible bacteria inside liquid in a quick and easy manner. Using the technology, THE.WAVE.TALK has developed a turbidity meter that is ten times more sensitive compared to the existing turbidity meters.

To top it off, THE.WAVE.TALK minimized a detection sensor small enough to fit into a home appliance and launched a product at a price of 100 times cheaper than the conventional lasers of one million dollars so that anybody can make a use of the product at ease.


Smart IoT Water Sensor by THE.WAVE.TALK can readily identify whether the water or drink in the container is drinkable and the lamp embedded on the surface shows the result. Moreover, when equipped with a potable module for measuring air quality, the device is able to detect pollutant levels in the air.


The award-winning B2C product is unveiled at the upcoming CES 2020 in Las Vegas, January 7-10.


“Preceded by the successful entry to the B2B market, we hope to make it happen again in the B2C market with the newly invented home appliance-typed smart water sensor. The CES award for the Smart IoT Water Sensor is going to be a catalyst for our company to enter the global market,” said YoungDug Kim, CEO of THE.WAVE.TALK.


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