Channel Corp., which operates an all-in-one biz messenger "Channel Talk," has completed a series C investment round worth about 28 billion won.


Leading domestic and foreign VCs and PEs, including lead investors Atinum Investment and KB Investment, Pavilion Capital, IMM Investment, Bon Angels, Guardian Fund, and Laguna Investment, participated. Temasek, the parent company of Pavilion Capital, is the world's largest state-owned investor with a 100% stake in the Singapore government and is known to have a portfolio of Airbnb, Alibaba, and Tencent. As a result, Channel Corporation's cumulative investment reached about 40 billion won.


While demand for non-face-to-face chatbot counseling and marketing platforms to expand the online commerce market has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic, Channel Talk has attracted attention as Korea's leading B2B SaaS startup.


Channel Talk plans to further enhance the combination of chatting and CRM through this investment attraction and establish itself as a popular tool that any SMB company or online operator can easily use.


It is also stepping up efforts to target overseas markets. Channel Talk is currently operating in 22 countries worldwide and collecting 15% of its total sales in the global market. Japanese sales are on a net march, up about seven times from a year earlier than last year. On top of that, as it has succeeded in entering Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce dinosaur company, it aims to expand its experience and awareness of using Channel Talk to overseas operators to be recognized for its competitiveness as a service that works in the global market.


Channel Talk's fast-growing performance in the first half of this year since the official launch of the service in 2017 showed a growth rate of more than ten times in subscribers in just three years compared to 2018. Channel Talk currently uses Channel Talk services by more than 58,000 domestic and foreign companies.


80% of active customers using Channel Talk are online operators, startups, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), helping to manage customer relations and improve sales through Channel Talk's all-in-one biz messenger solution that combines chatbot chat services, marketing tools, and team messengers. When introducing Channel Talk, the residual rate of maintaining service use without termination reaches 98.1%, helping to drive growth.


Channel Talk is solidifying its position as an essential business platform as online and mobile-based chat counseling is accelerating along with the non-face-to-face post-corona era, said Choi Si-won, CEO of Channel Corporation. "In the future, it will strengthen its competitiveness and become a basic tool used by many companies."


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