Born2Global Centre’s member startup Arimoa announced on March 10th that the Busan Tourism Organization's character ambassador, Chi Chi Ping Ping, will simultaneously launch services onto three video platforms with the greatest influence in China.


According to Arimoa, “Aichii”, one of the three major Chinese video platforms is a video streaming service operated by Baidu, a No. 1 search portal site in China, where it is pursuing a character licensing contract for “Chi Chi Ping Ping”. “Youku” is a web video platform operated by Alibaba, China's largest e-commerce platform, and is more preferred over CCTV animation channels of China's national broadcasting station. “Tencent” is a video streaming platform, operated by Tencent Group, the largest game and social media company in China. 



Chi Chi Ping Ping is a 3D fantasy adventure TV animation series for children, targeted towards the Chinese and global markets from an early stage. They have signed a contract with a Chinese kindergarten franchise to distribute English textbooks entitled “Chi Chi Ping Ping Kids English” for Chinese kindergarteners, previously recording more than 1 trillion KRW (886 million USD) in annual sales.


An official from Arimoa explained that "Chi Chi Ping Ping's character likeability and marketability are being recognized across China.”


Additionally, Arimoa plans to promote the 'Chi Chi Ping Ping Theme Park', which will be equipped with shopping malls, hotels, resorts, and much more, centering around game parks, character parks, and kids’ cafes on the site of Lijiang City, a tourist city designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in China. A free rental contract was signed for 50 years, supplemented by a licensing agreement with China's largest beverage company, Wahaha Group.

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