Visual Camp, which has developed a VR eye-tracking technology that can be used with mobile phones, will soon be entering the Chinese market.

A member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, Visual Camp announced that it has recently signed an MOU with Tsinghua University's new product research center (TusDW), finalizing the company's preparations to enter the Chinese market.

Under the MOU, Visual Camp will be supplying its eye-tracking technology to universities and research centers in China through TusDW starting in 2018.

Visual Camp's core technology is eye-tracking software that can be installed on VR/AR head-mounted displays (HMDs), enabling the provision of a user interface and services significantly differentiated from those of existing HMDs. Currently, it is one of the best companies in the world that has developed technology for a wireless VR HMD that can be linked to a mobile phone and is applicable to a wide range of areas. It is therefore expected to be a major technology for VR platforms, facilitating consumer actions inside virtual spaces, analyses of advertising effects, marketing research, and retail transactions.

Visual Camp's VR eye-tracking technology first received attention at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, where it was featured on Samsung Electronics' next-generation all-in-one HMD reference model. At the K-Global@Shanghai pitching contest that was held earlier this month, Visual Camp ranked first place among 15 Korean and Chinese startups thanks to its revolutionary technology.

Visual Camp CEO Suk Yunchan said, "Having made significant improvements to our technology, Visual Camp now has the good fortune to be able to launch a B2B business in the Chinese VR market. We are especially excited about the results of the national economic delegation's Korea-China economic trade partnership." Suk went on to add, "We will be using our expansion into China this year as the bridgehead for our entry into the global market."

Visual Camp is already widely recognized for its technological competitiveness and growth potential. After its inclusion on the 2015 Red Herring Asia 100 list, which has featured prominent industry names such as Google, Facebook, Alibaba, and Samsung.




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