Create your song in few minutes with just simple humming!

Simple humming is all it takes for you to be a composer and make music in any genre.

It won't take long for your melody to be transformed into a beautiful music by 험온 - HumOn (B2G '17).

Would you like to be the next biggest composer? See what it takes through B2G Tech News.

*Now everyone can be a songwriter. - HumOn

No extra skills, special training or hard work.

Just hum with HumOn.

If you have a melody in your head, just start humming it into your phone.

HumOn will do the rest for you.

HumOn creates music scores for you anytime, anywhere, regardless of age or gender.

And HumOn helps suggest suitable melody for your music using AI-based built-in machine learning music database.

The final song can be shared through SNS.

With plenty of songs available now, come and have a listen.

Download HumOn now and start making music.







TwoEyes Tech is a developer of hardware and software for everyone to easily produce realistic content and enjoy interactive production using our patented proprietary technology. TwoEyes Tech aspires to create human technology that enriches our lives through continuous innovation.





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