The year 2020 saw a tremendous rise in cryptocurrency transactions and the rally continuing this year as well. With more institutional investors showing interest in digital assets, many experts and analysts, now wonder whether cryptocurrency is set to become an asset class of its own in the future? So will it need focussed trading and dedicated investing? Korean startup UPRISE Inc. does believe that the future belongs to cryptocurrency assets. UPRISE aims to become the market leader by building a trustworthy crypto investment service. 

The Korean startup has developed a blockchain robo-advisor cum proxy investment service platform HEYBIT for crypto assets. Its platform offers automated trading solutions for individual investors. HEYBIT has been made available for global audiences since April 8, 2020.

How does HEYBIT work? 

If you are interested in the cryptocurrency market and want to dip your fingers in investing in this digital asset, then HEYBIT might be helpful. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store, and though it is still not available for iOs users, the startup’s working to get it started. 

In HEYBIT, all you need to do is link your crypto exchange account, and you’re good to go. Everything else is automated. HEYBIT’s trading bot monitors the crypto market 24/7 and automatically trades for the user when the algorithm sees positive market entry signals based on data analysis. HEYBIT’s strength lies not only in its stable performance but ultimately in its risk management in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.

Strategy to make the most of the market 

HEYBIT’s crypto trading bot is based on quant strategy. UPRISE strives to provide easy access to alpha (active return) through HEYBIT. Alpha(α) signifies a strategy’s ability to beat the market or create excess return. Easy access means high usability and offering psychological stability in investment by not making users take too much risk. 

Through HEYBIT, UPRISE finds sustainable investment strategies to earn it through constant trials and errors without relying on sheer luck or taking excessive risk. With its new strategy ForeFront(FF) UPRISE wants to seek the alpha at the very front of the bull markets. The FF strategy also takes form of “performance fees” where fees for using HEYBIT are only charged if there is profit. The charge for HEYBIT is 25% of the profit every 180 day period deducted automatically from the account. But if there is no profit, then no fee is charged at the 180th day.

Current performance & future plans

HEYBIT is currently supported in four crypto exchanges (, Liquid, Upbit, Bithumb) and invests in six cryptocurrencies – BTC/ETH/XRP/BCH/EOS/BNB, and may vary by exchange. has achieved $2 billion in trading volume. Launched in 2018, the robo-trading service has achieved $2 billion in trading volume. Despite the market downturn due to COVID-19 pandemic, HEYBIT showed stable performance with 10.2% YTD compared to S&P500’s – 4.0%. HEYBIT has over 4500 investors using it service and the startup expects more investments as the cryptocurrency prices increase.  

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