Korean content startup Dable becomes a top-ranking company in the media category on the Financial Times Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies for 2021. The online content platform has ranked 46th place out of the top 500 companies listed on the Financial Times Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies for 2021.


In partnership with Nikkei Asia and Statista, the Financial Times ranked the top 500 companies from across the Asia-Pacific region based on the highest compound annual growth in revenue between 2016 and 2019.


Providing content consumption information to websites


Dable, based in South Korea, is a technology startup that carries world-class big data processing and personalization technology. It analyzes the behavioral pattern and contents consumed by the media’s website visitors. It provides ‘Dable News’ and ‘Dable Native Ad’ – both of which recommend contents and ads that users may be most interested in.


“Being ranked on the prestigious list is a marker that Dable has achieved great performance three years since entering the Asian market,” said Chaehyun Lee, CEO of the global content discovery platform. “Currently, over 2,800 media in Asia, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, use Dable’s content recommendation solution. Dable has positioned itself as the most used personalized recommendation platform in South Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Despite being a latecomer in Taiwan, it maintains its position as the top player in the industry by quickly chasing after its competitors.”


‘Dable News’ contributes to increasing the user’s dwell time on the website and content consumption by recommending contents visitors may like most. Through ‘Dable News,’ users can easily find the content they want, thereby lifting their satisfaction with media use. ‘Dable Native Ad’ shows advertisements in a design that matches the surrounding contents on the recommendation area. It helps build a positive brand image by gaining high attention.


Plans to expand business aggressively


Dable, headquartered in South Korea, was established in 2015. The startup has been recognized for its technology, with awards such as K-Global DB-Stars Grand Prize(2015), Korea Online Advertising Grand Prize(2016), TIPS Award Grand Convention(2017), Ministry of Science and ICT Grand Prize(2019), Ministerial Citation of Ministry of Science and ICT(2020).


Dable had recently got its Series C investment and has raised $20 million in funding to date. It provides services to Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia through partnerships with over 2,800 global premium media including MBC, KBS, Ettoday, NOWnews, Liputan6, Suara, Thanhnien, Bongda, Ripple Media and Nanyang Siang Pau.“Dable will expand its business into Singapore, China, Thailand, Turkey, Australia, and Hong Kong this year, aiming to serve all countries in Asia by 2024. We will become the No.1 content discovery platform in Asia with high-quality technology and unique products.”


Launched in South Korea five years ago, content discovery platform Dable now serves a total of six markets in Asia. Now it plans to speed up the pace of its expansion, with six new markets in the region planned for this year, before entering European countries and the United States. Dable announced today that it has raised a $12 million Series C at a valuation of $90 million, led by South Korean venture capital firm SV Investment. Other participants included KB Investment and K2 Investment, as well as returning investor Kakao Ventures, a subsidiary of Kakao Corporation, one of South Korea’s largest internet firms.


Dable (the name is a combination of “data” and “able”) currently serves more than 2,500 media outlets in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. It has subsidiaries in Taiwan, which accounts for 70% of its overseas sales, and Indonesia.


The Series C brings Dable’s total funding so far to $20.5 million. So far, the company has taken a gradual approach to international expansion, co-founder and chief executive officer Chaehyun Lee told TechCrunch, first entering one or two markets and then waiting for business there to stabilize. In 2021, however, it plans to use its Series C to speed up the pace of its expansion, launching in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, mainland China, Australia and Turkey before entering markets in Europe and the United States, too.


The company’s goal is to become the “most utilized personalized recommendation platform in at last 30 countries by 2024.” Lee said it also has plans to transform into a media tech company by launching a content management system (CMS) next year.


Dable currently claims an average annual sales growth rate since founding of more than 50%, and says it reached $27.5 million in sales in 2020, up from 63% the previous year. Each month, it has a total of 540 million unique users and recommends five billion pieces of content, resulting in more than 100 million clicks. Dable also says its average annual sales growth rate since founding is more than 50%, and in that 2020, it reached $27.5 million in sales, up 63% from the previous year.


Before launching Dable, Lee and three other members of its founding team worked at RecoPick, a recommendation engine developer operated by SK Telecom subsidiary SK Planet. For media outlets, Dable offers two big data and machine learning-based products: Dable News to make personalized recommendations of content, including articles, to visitors, and Dable Native Ad, which draws on ad networks including Google, MSN and Kakao.


A third product, called karamel.ai, is an ad-targeting solution for e-commerce platforms that also makes personalized product recommendations.


Dable’s main rivals include Taboola and Outbrain, both of which are headquartered in New York (and recently called off a merger), but also do business in Asian markets, and Tokyo-based Popin, which also serves clients in Japan and Taiwan.


Lee said Dable proves the competitiveness of its products by running A/B tests to compare the performance of competitors against Dable’s recommendations and see which one results in the most clickthroughs. It also does A/B testing to compare the performance of articles picked by editors against ones that were recommended by Dable’s algorithms.


Dable also provides algorithms that allow clients more flexibility in what kind of personalized content they display, which is a selling point as media companies try to recover from the massive drop in ad spending precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, Dable’s Related Articles algorithm is based on content that visitors have already viewed, while its Perused Article algorithm gauges how interested visitors are in certain articles based on metrics like how much time they spent reading them. It also has another algorithm that displays the most viewed articles based on gender and age groups.

Dable, a content discovery platform and a member company of the Born2Global Centre, recently published its "Indonesia Media Consumption Trend Report," an analysis of how media content is consumed as a result of COVID-19. The report spans consumption trends for major Indonesian media companies over a three-month period (February-April 2020). Dable has been an active member of the Born2Global Centre since 2017.


Dable is a content discovery platform that analyzes data collected from over 2,300 media companies worldwide to provide individually-tailored recommendations to site visitors based on various personal traits (gender, age, areas of interest, etc.). It has partnership contracts with approximately 100 Indonesian media firms, including major newspapers, magazines and blogs.


According to Dable's report, the amount of media content consumed increased by 28 percent in March over February (month in which Indonesia confirmed its first COVID-19 case). The subsequent nationwide spread of COVID-19 resulted in high levels of content consumption for April as well.


The report divided media into six categories (Business, Entertainment, General News, News, Regional, Sports) and analyzed the influence of COVID-19 on media consumption for each.


"Business" consumption was 62 percent higher in April than in February—the highest rate of increase for all six categories—attributed to the sharp drop in stock prices due to pandemic-related fears and a subsequent increase in general interest in economic issues. In April, the month that COVID-19 began spreading in earnest nationwide, "Regional" consumption had the second highest increase rate (61 percent higher than February).


In terms of content consumed each day per category, "Entertainment" had the highest increase rate at 35 percent (in April compared to February), believed to be due to people gravitating to entertainment news to cope with the stress of watching COVID-19-related news. On the other hand, "Sports" consumption decreased in April by 12 percent compared to February due to cancellations of matches and tournaments due to COVID-19.


Dable also analyzed consumption trends based on type of device. Consumption levels increased for both mobile phones and PCs along with the spread of COVID-19. For PCs, the rate of increase was as high as 35 percent in March over February, but dropped to 20 percent in April. The reason for this decrease is believed to be the increasing use of WFH (work from home) measures due to PSBB (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar, or "large-scale social restrictions). On the other hand, mobile consumption rose approximately 27 percent in both March and April over February due to the lack of relation to WFH.


Lee Ho-young, Dable Indonesia's general manager: "The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing immense changes to all areas of society, including the economy and culture. The same is true for how we consume media content. The longer periods of time spent at home due to WFH and PSBB measures means that there is that much more time to consume content. People are very interested not only in information on the coronavirus but also ways to make staying at home more enjoyable." Lee hopes that the report "can help us understand how content consumption trends have changed due to COVID-19 as well as the areas that people are most interested in."


The report can be downloaded here: http://dable.io/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Indonesia-Media-Consumption-Trend-Impact-of-Covid-19-on-Media-Consumption-Behavior-Dable-Inc.pdf




On October 22, Dable, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, announced that it has secured over 200 Taiwan media partners, including not only major media partners such as ETtoday, NOWnews, Chinatimes, Liberty Times, and SET News but also vertical category magazines, blogs, and online communities. These partner companies produce diverse types of news content, including in the areas of community, travel/food, fashion/beauty/entertainment, tech/car/sports, and business/finance.


Dable analyzes content consumption in real-time based on big data and personalization technology in order to offer its "Dable Content Recommendation," a service that recommends individually tailored content on both desktop and mobile devices. This service provides related data and articles with which media outlets can conduct independent data analyses (funnel analysis, perused article rankings, etc.).


By showing the user content that he or she will most likely find interesting through reccomendation (e.g. "Content you may like") at the bottom of news articles, media companies can increase the time that users spend on their websites, thereby increasing their page views. Since applying Dable Content Recommendation, Dable announced that its page views have increased by 5 to 10 percent on PCs and by as much as 7 to 40 percent on mobile devices.


Dable provides several recommendation algorithms that can be used selectively depending on the characteristics of the desired media type, including: "Personalized Articles," which provides content that is tailored to the interests of each user; "Perused Articles," which shows content that was read previously by the user; and "Popular by Gender/Age," which shows news items according to their popularity by gender and/or age.


In Korea, Dable holds a market share of 80 percent. In 2017, the company, based on its superior technological prowess, branched out into several Asian markets, including Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Currently, Dable has partnerships with approximately 1,800 media corporations in Korea (MBC, MSN, and Kakao), Indonesia (Liputan6, Suara, and Kaskus), Vietnam (Thanh Nien, Saostar, and Bongda), and other countries and regions in Asia.


Another key service offered by Dable is "Dable Native Ad." By exposing users to advertisements that are similar in format to website content, this service catches users' attention while not interrupting their consumption of content, resulting in high performance levels. Dable Native Ad is markedly different from existing advertisement providers, who expose all or segmented users to random ads. By showing ads that are actually related to users' interests (e.g. showing an advertisement for airplane tickets to a user who is reading a travel article), which are analyzed in advance, Dable is able to offer a much more effective advertising service.


Dable CEO Chaehyun Lee said, "Dable boasts not only broad coverage but also partnerships with media publishers that provide diverse forms of content. In this way, advertisers can target the desired audience based on age, gender, or area of interest. Through close cooperation with our Taiwanese media partners, Dable will not only be expanding our coverage but also sophisticating our advertisement platform in order to increase the profitability of both media companies and advertisers."


Dable hosted Indonesia Native Ads Conference (INAC) 2018 in Kuningan, Jakarta as a platform for discussions on everything from successful marketing examples to the latest trends.

Dable, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, announced On September 12 that it hosted Indonesia Native Ads Conference (INAC) 2018 in Kuningan, Jakarta as a platform for discussions on everything from successful marketing examples to the latest trends. The event was a great success, with approximately 150 representatives from the media and marketing sectors in attendance.

Dable provides the "Dable Content Recommendation" and "Dable Native Ad" services, which recommend individually tailored content and advertisements to users based on real-time big data processing and personalization and recommendation technologies. In 2017, Dable hosted the Korea Native Ads Conference in Korea.

Held under the theme "Performance-Driven Content Marketing," INAC featured a wide range of speakers, including Wikan Pribadi (digital fundraising officer, UNICEF), Wahyu Dhyatmika (editor in chief, Tempo), Nendra Primonik Sekar Rengganis (director, Hipwee), and Herni Wijaya (vice president, Leverate Media Asia), all of whom have extensive knowledge of and field experience with the latest marketing trends. Starting with a presentation entitled "Native Ad vs. Display Ad" which examined the status and future of native ads, discussions were held on successful cases of sales growth and brand marketing through native ads and the latest marketing trends, including personalized marketing.

Herni Wijaya said: "As display ad is evolving, people encounter more and more annoying, intrusive display ads on web. Online advertising was meant to be compelling, useful, and engaging. Content-driven ad format such as native ads has a great combination of performance and user experience. With well-implemented native ads, we have seen numerous successful campaigns for prospecting, promoting content, and even conversion."

Sewon Yoon, who is responsible for Dable's overseas businesses, said: "Dable's native ad platform equipped with personalization and recommendation technology is in its infancy in Indonesia. We hope that INAC will contribute to the efforts being made to disseminate useful information on native ads and establish ad-related strategies."

Dable recently entered the Indonesian market. It has signed service contracts with Indonesia's top media companies (Tempo, Kontan, JPNN, etc.) and is working to secure inventory. The company is also in the process of recruiting advertisers from among local Indonesian and international corporations.

For more detailed information on Dable, please visit http://dable.io/id/


The content discovery platform Dable is picking up the pace in its entry into the Indonesian market by forging partnerships with major Indonesian media corporations.

Dable, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, signed service partnerships with half of Indonesia's top 20 media corporations (Tempo, Republika, Kontan, JPNN, etc.), securing local inventory. Dable stated that it is currently attracting local Indonesian and global advertisers also seeking to enter the Indonesian market.

Based in South Korea, Dable utilizes real-time big data processing and personalization technologies to provide two major services: "Dable Content Recommendation" and "Dable Native Ad," which recommends individually-tailored content and advertisements (e.g. "Content You May Like").

Dable Content Recommendation provides visitors to the websites of media companies with individually-tailored news and other content. The service aims to increase content usage as well as traffic flow. Through analysis of the consumed website content, Dable Native Ad ascertains user interests and shows them related advertisements. Dable's high advertisement performance is the result of decreased animosity towards ads that are in formats similar to regular content.

Since its founding in 2015, Dable has grown rapidly through partnerships with major Korean media corporations. It enjoys an 80-percent market share in Korea, but with its outstanding personalization technology and high performance, Dable is currently expanding into the greater Asian market. The company's entry into Indonesia was spearheaded by its Global Business Manager Amalia Rasyida (a seasoned digital marketing expert), and the recruitment of personnel with extensive experience.  

Rasyida expressed her expectations for the company by stating, "Right now, Programmatic advertisements, which provide digital ads and tools, are in the spotlight. But the native ad platform applied with Dable's personalization technology is in its infancy. Dable is now sophisticated enough to defeat top global companies in the technological competition arena. Dable is using its technology to expand its Indonesian partnered inventory at the astonishing speed of over 50 percent growth each month. Dable seeks to serve as a leading content discovery platform in Indonesia."

On September 12, Dable will host media and digital marketing representatives at the Indonesia Native Ad Conference (INAC) at Plaza Kuningan's COCOWORK.

For more detailed information on Dable, please visit https://dable.io/id/




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