The CEO Yoo Taejun of Minds Lab a company specialized in AI announced that his company released on march 12th the Covid-19 patients route and visualization related data set as open source.


The Covid-19 patients route Tracking Dataset released by Minds Lab provides basic patient data such as △ path (route) △ age △ gender △ diagnosis date of confirmed patients, as well as medical statistics including 22 major epidemics, 16 vaccines, and medical facilities. It is a data set that encompasses various variables required by machine learning to build an AI model, data visualization etc.


Minds Lab's dataset was ranked # 1 in the sector of development / deep learning by the American community site Reddit. Compared to the existing COVID-19 related open data, Mind’s lab data set differentiate itself in terms of volume, quality, and data visualization etc.

The senior Researcher of Minds Lab’s Brain team Lee Jung Gon said “Considering the public value, we released the data set as open source on Github, a social coding platform that can be easily used by anyone. We hope that the data set built by mind’s lab will be of a great help to the officials and medical staff struggling on the front line.”


"The release of this dataset is a groundbreaking achievement that shows that the research capability of the Minds Lab R & D organization is reaching the world-class levels," said Hongseob Choi, CEO of Minds Lab's R & D organization. “Based on the construction technique of this data set, it can be applied not to Covid-19 but also to other infectious diseases. This model utilization can even be increased and expanded to any other future crises.”


The Covid-19 route tracking open dataset built by the Mind’s Lab Brain Team is available to anyone via GitHub.

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