Startup InfiniFlux announced that it would release a multi-server-based Time Series DBMS in June. In 2015, InfiniFlux commercialized a single server-based Time Series DBMS, which it is currently supplying to security companies and state-owned railroad companies.

A Time Series DBMS is a database that is capable of storing and analyzing machine log data in real time. The Time Series has been designed so that entered data cannot be updated, thereby preventing data manipulation, falsification and deletion. It can store over 100,000 counts of data per second. The multi-server-based Time Series DBMS scheduled for release next month, however, is capable of storing 5 million counts of data per second. 


CEO Kim Sungjin of InfiniFlux (InfiniFlex)


The Time Series DBMS has been equipped with concurrency control technology, ensuring that independently executed programs (data entry, editing, deletion, reading, etc.) have no influence on one another. For example, the programming ensures that entry and deletion do not conflict with one another under any circumstances.

“With the advent of IoT and big data, the number of IoT devices on the market has been increasing by over 50 percent annually, accompanied by an inevitable increase in data sources. InfiniFlux’s Time Series DBMS is the result of our search for a way to resolve this issue within a reasonable price range,” CEO Kim Sung-jin said.

Through its sales subsidiary in San Francisco, the company is making headway in its efforts to enter foreign markets. InfiniFlux receives marketing support from the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, an organization affiliated with the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.





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