KDB, IMM Investment, Envester, and Noh & Partners participated in the investment round as new investors. Existing investors POSCO Technology Investment, L&S Venture Investment, and KDB Capital also participated, including some old shares. Deep Brain AI was recognized for its corporate value of about 200 billion won.


Deep Brain AI is a company that has global technology for interactive artificial intelligence using deep learning-based video synthesis and voice synthesis source technology.


Deep Brain AI has recently attracted attention from the industry by introducing an AI human solution that creates virtual humans capable of real-time two-way communication through deep learning artificial intelligence technology. This investment also demonstrated companies' marketability and technological innovation in various fields by implementing AI bank employees, AI tutor, AI announcer, and AI commerce as actual services using AI human technology.


Deep Brain AI plans to actively utilize this investment in the R&D field to advance AI human technology and plans to strengthen corporate competitiveness by spurring the massive recruitment of developers.


Deep Brain AI will also actively seek additional overseas investors during the second half of this year. Currently, it has local branches in Beijing, Shanghai, and California in the U.S. to form active business relations with various foreign companies, and recently signed AI announcer technology supply contracts with Qinghai TV and Beijing Broadcasting Station in China.


We have successfully completed the Series B investment round based on AI technology recognized not only in Korea but also in the world, said Jang Se-young, CEO of Deepbrain AI. "We will actively focus on expanding our business and developing new technologies."

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