K-ICT Born2Global Centre, a major Korean government agency, announced that its member company DNX launched the Carah safety watch on Kickstarter for a campaign that will last 30 days. Carah is a real analogue watch with smart capabilities and a built-in SOS safety alert.



Carah, which without the 'h' means 'friend' in Irish, and 'beloved' in Latin, is the result of a collaboration between a computer science professor and a mechatronics expert. Together, they developed a smart safety watch that offers style, functionality, and personal security. The professor's daughters who are studying abroad were an inspiration behind the product.



"I wanted to create a simple and effective way for my daughters to get help fast if they need it. This is why building a product with an SOS function was my number one priority," said Prof. Grace Kwon, CEO of the company behind Carah. "But my daughters were quick to point out that they wanted more. Namely, it had to have useful and fun functions as well as be fashionable."


Chosen by Newswatch TV as a highlight of its 'back-to-school' technology segment, the watch, which boasts a real analogue interface, has the ability to sound an alarm in the event of an emergency. A two-second push and hold of the watch will immediately alert the watch holder's guardians and sound a loud siren. This simple, fast and intuitive action will send GPS information of the person seeking help, automatically alerting chosen guardians such ascampus police or their community of helpers, giving the owner a sense that help is just a touch away.



In a world teeming with multifunctional devices and AI powered gadgets, a stand-alone alarm would have little appeal to a worldwide market. This is why Carah comes equipped with an abundance of useful functions, such as finding your phone, audio recording and one-touch timer. It has a step and run counter for calorie and fitness tracking. Through its Android and iOS pairing, Carah allows you to take a selfie photo and will alert you in the event you receive a text message or a social media notification. The watch utilizes top-quality Japanese movement technology and is made of highest grade materials, including scratch resistant glass and genuine leather straps.


"Developing a product for the mass market was no easy feat. But each time I heard of yet another emergency case that Carah could've prevented, I couldn't help but use it as my motivation," added Prof. Kwon.


With the product already developed and fine-tuned, the Kickstarter campaign plans to raise funds to fuel its mass production. A Kickstarter pledge of GBP80 (early bird), will guarantee Carah supporters a choice of one safety watch shipped by mid-January 2018, the official timeline for its worldwide distribution. The company promises its contributors the receipt of weekly updates and a hasty response time to questions. The watch will come with a one year guarantee and long term customer support.


To contribute to this Kickstarter campaign, 

please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1147052832/164279589?token=535fdbd5







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Developed by a working mother whose children were studying abroad, the Carah smart safety watch provides comfort for anyone who feels vulnerable or insecure.



A woman in the US is assaulted or beaten every nine seconds.


Unfortunately, the statistics of crime against women are horrifying. In the US alone 1 in 3 women will experience some form of physical or sexual violence. 1 in 4 women on a college campus will be sexually assaulted.


Many charities around the world are doing great work trying to tackle the root causes of violence against women - Futures Without Violence and RAINN in the US for instance - but the sad fact remains that anything from going to university to walking home at night can be dangerous.

Carah, a smart, fashionable safety watch, has been developed to help people in threatening or emergency situations get help fast.



People want an SOS alarm, but they also want more.


According to the Chapman America's Top Fears 2016 survey, more than 1 in 5 people fear being sexually assaulted, and according to an Ericsson Consumer Lab 2016 survey, the most requested function for a wearable device was a panic button (32%). But for people's hectic lifestyles, an SOS alarm that does little else is not so appealing.


"I wanted to create a simple and effective way for my daughters to get help fast if they need it, so making the SOS functions was my number one priority", said Prof. Grace Kwon, CEO of the company behind Carah, "But my daughters quickly told me they wanted more. Namely it had to be fashionable, and it had to be every day useful, too."


That's why Carah is a real analogue watch and comes with useful features such as fitness monitoring, social media notifications, finding your phone, selfies, one-touch timers and more.



A 2-second push of the watch sounds a siren and immediately contacts guardians.


Even though Carah is quite different from most smartwatches in being a real analogue watch with the addition of many smart features, SOS remains the core function. With a simple, fast, and intuitive action, people in danger can sound an alarm, send GPS information and automatically call their guardians, or the campus police, or their community of helpers.


"It's taken me well over a year to develop Carah, and at times it's been a real struggle. But whenever I read of yet another college student being raped or a woman suffering years of domestic violence, I can't help thinking that Carah just might have prevented it." Continued Prof. Kwon, "That's all the motivation I need."


Carah will launch on Kickstarter in August, 2017. 






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