"Korea(B2G)-China(Dongguan) Tech-matching day" was held at 28th Sep.

This event was hosted by "Songshan Lake International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community" and co-hosted by "Born2Global Centre" and "DITC"(Dongguan International Technology Commercialization Center), 4 Born2Global’s member companies also participated in the event. 

There were some meaningful outcomes came out of this event including 2 MOUs executed between Born2Global and DITC as well as “Linkflow: (Born2Global’s member company) and "imakerbase" (the Dongguan manufacturing innovation company for business cooperation). 


Born2Global’s Chief Executive Director JongKap Kim on behalf of Born2global Centre welcomed the business development with Dongguan with its geographical advantages and importance in the global technology market.

In addition, he added that MOU with Dongguan will become a cornerstone for mutual cooperation with Dongguan companies. 




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