AI is no stranger to the medical field, but VUNO - the first AI medical device company in Korea - has set a record in pushing beyond the boundaries of basic AI medical imaging solutions into the field of diagnostic pathology.  


VUNO has expedited preparations for clinical trials with the aim of obtaining approval by early next year for its gastric cancer pathology AI solution 'VUNO Med-PathGC AI™', which was jointly researched and developed with GC Labs.


The Korean national health checkup numbers indicate that early gastric cancer screenings had surged (number of gastric cancer examinees increased from 3.30 million to 4.19 million from 2011 to 2019), but there is still concern over the low 60.7% who actually get to see a pathologist for a biopsy. In this regard, Vuno Med Path-GC AI™ proved its excellent efficacy and accuracy in diagnosis, raising hopes for future diagnoses.


According to the official paper published in Clinical Cancer Research (IF=10.107) by the American Association for Cancer Research, which is one of the three largest cancer societies in the world, VUNO Med-PathGC AI™ showed a high accuracy of 100% sensitivity and 97% specificity in a prospective study for detection of gastric cancer and gastric adenoma, which are epithelial tumors.


Additionally, VUNO Med-PathGC AI™ demonstrated high efficiency in comparison to the digital pathology system group equipped with the traditional microscope and viewer, as the diagnosis time was reduced by up to 58% based on the same accuracy (AUROC standard). 


The Vice President of GC Labs, Kim Dong-il, who participated in the development of the VUNO Med-PathGC AI™, said, “Since the types of gastric cancer are so diverse, the diagnosis of gastric biopsy is difficult, and misdiagnosis may occur due to decreased concentration from overworking. However, this high-performance VUNO Med-PathGC AI™ solution can dramatically improve the accuracy of the biopsy results.” He then added that “if the solution is commercialized, it can successfully enter overseas markets as an essential tool across Asia for the diagnosis of gastric cancer.”


Beyond gastric cancer, VUNO plans to further strengthen its position as a leading company in pathology AI solutions by expanding its research into additional fields, such as lymph nodes and prostate cancer diagnostic models.


Since 2018 with the support of the Korea International Cooperation Agency, VUNO has also been developing VUNO Med®-TriVu™, a pathology-based AI solution for diagnosing sexually transmitted diseases. It has already demonstrated global prominence in the AI pathology field, with Mongolia adopting the system as the national standard inspection method through an innovative technology program Seed2, and VUNO continues to spur overseas expansion in its effort towards digital pathology innovation.


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