Unveiling the world's first mobile liquid hydrogen refueling station!


Hylium Industries (B2G '17-'18)'s liquefied hydrogen-based mobile hydrogen refueling station offers advantages such as safe, high storage efficiency and reduced hydrogen transportation cost compared to conventional high-pressure gas type mobile hydrogen refueling stations.

Will mobile liquid hydrogen refueling stations for hydrogen refuel cars be stationed all over the world?

Take a look at the core technologies of Hylium Industries!



S01_ Hylium Industries unveils Mobile Hydrogen Refueling Station - mHRS®.

S02_ mHRS® can go anywhere with carrying up to 7,500L of liquid hydrogen.

S03_ Refueling high-purity hydrogen gas up to 100 FCEVs a day at 700bar.

S04_ mHRS® has no compressor and chiller so that reduces CAPEX and OPEX.

S04_ Easy to extend to fixed hydrogen refueling station.

S05_ mHRS® based on liquid hydrogen provides a safer, higher storage density and lower cost of transport than a compressed hydrogen station.

S06_ mHRS® leads to popularize of FCEVs.


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