4DReplay (CEO Hongsu Jung, Born2Global Centre member ‘21), a startup focused on specialized 4D video production, has successfully raised $15 million (worth KRW 16 billion) in investments.

The cumulative total of 4DReplay's investments stands at $31.5 million, and its valuation is $213.5 million.

Three domestic and foreign investors took part in 4DReplay's investment, including J Tsai Sports Enterprises and ubiQuoss Investment. 

4DReplay provided “4DLive” solutions for the 5th generation (5G) mobile communication service at Softbank in Japan last year, fusing 5G and 4DLive solutions in sports arenas, such as baseball stadiums. Using 5G that transmits large amounts of data at high speeds, the service relayed new features in sports videos, such as free view and multi-view in real time.

In addition, the service has been applied to overseas sports, such as the MLB (Major League Baseball), NLCS (National League Championship Series), WS (World Series), NBA 19-20 Season Playoffs, 2020 US Open Tennis, and PGA Championship 2020, as well as to domestic sports, including KPGA-Genesis Championships, 2020 KBO playoffs and series, Korean professional soccer, Korean professional volleyball, and other main Korean national sports leagues.

The 4DReplay system used for sports highlights is a 4D time slice video production system that generates images of moving objects in real time using 100 cameras. Even without rendering, this technology allows for edits and transfers within 5 seconds using videos captured by the camera.


CEO Hongsu Jung said, “With these investments, we plan to expand our business to the fields of entertainment, performances, and virtual online education by reinforcing broadcasts of major domestic and international sports games, which is the core of our business.”


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