BlueWing Motors, a green smart mobility company and joint venture member of Born2Global Centre that converts internal combustion motorcycle engines into electric engines, has signed an MOU with Sebelas Maret University (UNS) in Indonesia for joint ventures and technology exchanges related to two-wheelers. In addition to the recent MOU, BlueWing Motors has also gained attention in the industry by participating in a project for supporting overseas expansion of D.N.A(Data, Network, AI) convergence products led by the Born2Global Centre.


Under the MOU, BlueWing Motors will make inroads into Indonesia, where government-led policies are currently being implemented to reduce the nation's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, to convert two-wheelers into electric vehicles. Through its collaboration with UNS, BlueWing Motors will be able to participate in state-led projects in Indonesia, such as those aimed at converting fuel-powered motorcycles and other two-wheelers into electric vehicles. UNS is the only institution of higher education approved by the Indonesian government to conduct research and development activities and to test electric vehicles (EVs), electric two-wheelers, and lithium-ion batteries. BlueWing Motors has also recently been discussing forming cooperative partnerships with UNS's two affiliates for the development of battery and conversion technologies.


Last August, BlueWing Motors announced its plan to convert motorcycles with internal combustion engines into electric vehicles to help reduce the severe air pollution found in major cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta with accordance Indonesian government's plan aims to increase the number of electric motorcycles in Indonesia to 13 million and the number of EVs to 2.2 million by the year 2030.


Kim Min-ho, CEO of BlueWing Motors, said, "BlueWing Motors is committed to reducing the number of fuel-powered motorcycles in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to combat climate change and its negative effects." He also added, "BlueWing Motors will achieve synergy with UNS through this MOU for the development of electric two-wheelers."


Established in 2019, BlueWing Motors converts two-wheelers into electric vehicles by installing traditional two-wheelers with a special controller developed by BlueWing Motors along with a GPS tracker, which is used for measuring and tracking carbon footprints, in an attempt to penetrate the Southeast Asian market. Last August, BlueWing Motors was selected for an acceleration program operated by Singapore's Goldbell Group and, as a result, the company is currently taking part in an electric bike conversion project in Southeast Asia. Last September, BlueWing Motors also had the opportunity to participate in the discussion on future micro-mobility at a webinar hosted by Launchpad, a venture capital unit of British Petroleum (BP), one of the world's largest oil companies, as Asia's first panel.


The MOU between BlueWing Motors and UNS was signed as part of Born2Global Centre's partnership program. Through its support of DNA-convergence products and services, Born2Globl Centre serves as a launchpad for innovative startups to enter global markets. Born2Global Centre provides startups with different levels of consulting services, from partnership exploration & creation to business establishment, operations, joint R&D projects, and market expansion.


Born2Global Centre announced on April 26th the establishment of the “Argentina-Korea Venture Capital Council (AKVCC)” to promote the investment of joint ventures between innovative deep-tech startups in South Korea and Latin America. The AKVCC was organized by the Argentine Embassy in Korea and ten global and Korean venture capitals, with Born2Global Centre as the Secretariat of the council.


The ten participating venture capitals of the AKVCC are the Argentine Association of Private Equity Venture and Seed Capital (ARCAP), YPF Ventures, Grid-X, Checkmate Capital Group, Bluepoint Partners, DT&Investment, L&S Venture Capital, Quad Ventures, Spark Lab Ventures, and Wit Unlimited.



To launch the AKVCC, Born2Global Centre held a founders’ meeting on April 23rd at Pangyo Startup Campus where Juan Manuel Giner Gonzalez the Executive Director of ARCAP, Tomas Ocampo the Managing Director of YPF Ventures, Matias Jorge Peire the Founder of Grid-X, Alfredo Bascou the Ambassador of the Argentine Embassy in Korea, and global VCs and startups were present during the inaugural meeting.

The founding members of the AKVCC agreed on the necessity of international engagement and collaboration as a prerequisite to national economic competitiveness and global growth. In addition, through the establishment of the AKVCC, they agreed to share experiences and collaborate on creating a global fund investing in deep tech for joint ventures between the two countries.


Juan Manuel Giner Gonzalez, the Executive Director of ARCAP said, “Argentina is the second-largest country that has produced unicorns in Latin America, where global investment in deep-tech startups is increasing every year. We will actively collaborate to help startups from both countries expand their business in Latin America, and in the global market."



With the visit of the Argentine venture capitals to Korea, an IR session was held to connect the startup members of Born2Global Centre with the opportunity to attract global investment, introducing their technologies and solutions to the global VCs. The participating startups were ULikeKorea (livestock monitoring service), Fitogether (athlete performance data analysis platform), and Dtonic (space-time big data engineering platform).


Moreover, Born2Global Centre presented a Korean startup Coconut Silo (cargo transportation platform service) and an Argentine startup Avancargo (SaaS-based logistics platform service) as a case of joint venture partnership between Latin America and Korea.



JongKap Kim, the Chief Executive Director of the Bon2Global Centre said, “The Argentina-Korea Venture Capital Council is the first bilateral consultative body in Korea with the singular purpose of promoting the formation of joint ventures and the establishment of an investment fund for the innovative startups of the two nations. We hope that the launch of the AKVCC will open up mutual investment opportunities for the VCs.”



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