We find the VC Fund manager for interested of  "LAC-Korea Startup Fund"


스타트업의 투자 및 성장을 지원하는 1000억원 규모의 "한-중남미 스타트업 펀드 (LAC-Korea Startup Fund)"가 결성됩니다!

본투글로벌센터는 펀드 결성 주관으로서 스타트업의 중남미 진출에 함께합니다.

펀드운용사 모집 관련 세부내용은 아래 링크를 참조하세요.





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IDB Lab, the innovation laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank, is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals for the LAC-Korea Startup Fund initiative. 

IDB Lab is supporting the creation of LAC-Korea Startup Fund to take advantage of both the momentum in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) startup ecosystem and the existing dynamism of the Korean VC and startup ecosystem. 

The LAC-Korea Startup Fund will provide early stage financing to two categories of startups and scaleups:  

LAC companies expanding within and beyond LAC (in particular Korea/Asia), and to Korean companies operating in or expanding to LAC. 

This initiative is set to increase cross-regional investments via active participation of both Korean and LAC Limited Partners (LPs), as well as cross-regional partnerships between startups, accelerators, and other ecosystem actors. 

IDB Lab, along with its interested co-investors, is now seeking a dedicated General Partner (GP) from both Korea and LAC regions who will make all financial, legal, and operational decisions for the proposed Fund, among other duties.  The selection will be made by IDB Lab and independent experts.

Firms are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest by September 23rd, 2019

More information about the opportunity, timeline, and how to apply is available via this link

Firms from Pacific Alliance member countries and with proven regional experience will be preferred. 

Any inquiries can be directed to: susanaro@iadb.org, gyoungc@iadb.org & jeehyony@iadb.org 

Learn more about the Korean VC ecosystem and the LAC VC ecosystem.




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