Artisan & Ocean, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, successfully launched its Kickstarter campaign with the all-in-one diving gear "DIVEROID." Artisan & Ocean is a scuba diving startup that develops hardware and software solutions able to supplant existing diving equipment.

On November 19, Artisan & Ocean achieved 1,000 percent of its Kickstarter goal fund within three days of launching its product. Currently, the amount raised totals over USD 191,000. The Kickstarter campaign ( will remain open until December 19.

DIVEROID, the product launched by Artisan & Ocean on Kickstarter, is an all-in-one diving gear that combines a safety device (diving computer) and underwater camera into one device. Not only did the company succeed in developing an all-in-one product that is easily attached to a smart phone, replacing multiple scuba diving items costing more than USD 2,500, it has also successfully reduced the cost to less than 10 percent.

Artisan & Ocean's new housing is waterproof at up to 60 meters underwater and has 3 buttons set automatically to be compatible with most smartphones, giving it both durability and compatibility. The company is currently also actively developing software technologies, including wide angle and 4K video filming, a smart logbook that the diving profile and photos are automatically synced together, and real-time color correction.

For more detailed benefits and features of DIVEROID include:

  • All-In-One Smart Dive Solution – DIVEROID offers an innovative dive computer, high-functioning underwater camera, compass, and dive logbook in one compact device that conveniently works with almost any available smartphone. DIVEROID's new app will additionally support free diving mode which includes depth alarm, static apnea, and more.
  • Use Your Smartphone Camera For Brilliant Images and Videos – DIVEROID allows your smartphone camera to fully function underwater, including using different camera angles, including ultra-wide, wide, zoom, selfie, and color correction, with simple button operation for high-resolution pictures and 4K videos which you can share in the DIVEROID app.
  • Dive Logbook -- No more keeping your logbooks by hand. DIVEROID maintains your logbooks automatically and syncs up to your pictures/video so that you can fully review your entire dive at a glance.
  • Safety Alerts – DIVEROID provides real-time diving safety alerts (even while filming and taking pictures) to prevent decompression illness by measuring depth, time and ascent speed with bright colors and vibration at any time during your dive.
  • Durability – DIVEROID features a Double O-ring system with a 60m (200ft) waterproof range, and is made with quality materials, including scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass and Polycarbonate with glass fiber for high strength and durability. The device's built-in battery also lasts for more than 500 dives, which is an estimated two years.
  • Anti-Fog System – Fog inside the housing ruins underwater pictures. DIVEROID has a built-in system, including five 'Heat sink™', which drains the heat, so it prevents fogging.


Beginning with Kickstarter, Artisan & Ocean will continue to carry out crowdfunding campaigns on Wadiz and Indiegogo until June 2020.


Edited by Hyunjin Choi


Scuba diving equipment startup, Artisan & Ocean, will release a versatile diving gear, DIVEROID Mini in Kickstarter for crowdfunding.


DIVEROID Mini is a modular accessory for scuba diving which can be connected to a smartphone to turn it into a scuba diving device with 6 features: diving computer, compass, underwater camera, photo editor, recording logbook, and a sharing function. In general, to recreate all of these features, users need lots of equipment worth approximately $3,000. However, DIVEROID Mini, the all-in-one device, costs only $100. The operating process is as simple as you could imagine. Connecting the DIVEROID App to Mini through Bluetooth enables scuba divers to use all of the 6 features while diving. 



Mini was released last winter, and it raised USD 49K in Wadiz, exceeding the funding goal over 1,994%. This second release of Mini in Wadiz was upgraded in response to feedback from the first crowdfunding raise. It achieved its funding goal again within 3 minutes, and the 36% discounted Ultra early bird product was sold out in 10 minutes. 


“Our company strives to devise a reasonable price of scuba diving equipment that is regarded as quite costly products. We hope that divers enjoy scuba diving more safely with DIVEROID Mini,” said Jungil Kim, CEO of Artisan & Ocean.


Crowdfunding for DIVEROID Mini is to start in Kickstarter in October.





Pivo is an interactive smart pod that enables anyone with a smartphone to create highly dynamic interactive videos, images and GIFs in an easy and affordable way.

On Nov. 13, 2018, Pivo officially launched globally on Kickstarter and within the first 15 hours, the campaign was 100% funded by over 200 backers worldwide. In less than 48 hours the campaign doubled that by exceeding 200% of the original funding target goal.

"With still about 50 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, this is good news for all smartphone photographers and videographers," said an official of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, a Korean government agency that provides support for startups to expand into global markets. The center provides support for YouVR, the company that has developed the Pivo interactive smart pod to help people take pictures with their smartphones more easily.

When the project first began, the founding team behind Pivo were motivated by one mission: to build a smart pod that can enable anyone with a smartphone to create highly dynamic interactive videos, images and GIFs in an easy and affordable way. Professional photography budgets were out of the question for everyday content creators but the team behind Pivo believed that everybody deserves access to create professional quality contents.

The mission to unlock the full potential of smartphone cameras came very naturally. Companies like Apple and Samsung continue to give everyday users access to truly unbelievable hardware but much of it goes unused. With Pivo, this is no longer the case as it takes full advantage of the powerhouse of modern hardware. Pivo seeks to change the way that people interact with their phones in a big way while also providing industry specific tools making it a true necessity for anyone interested in smartphone photography and videography.

Pivo for Real Estate is the birth child of a strategic partnership between Pivo and YouVR, a VR tours and marketing solution. With VR tours attracting nearly 10x the engagement online Pivo’s partnership with YouVR gives access to create 360 VR tours in the most comprehensive and simple workflow to date. Just use Pivo to capture, upload to YouVR and share the tour -- all on a mobile device.

Furthermore, Pivo expands its capabilities with another powerful partnership -- this time with, the world's best multistream platform allowing users to stream their contents on over 30+ channels simultaneously. Through Restream x Pivo, users can see, on average, 7x the audience reach than that of a traditional single platform live session. Also, what was once a still camera live stream is now made dynamic with face tracking, object tracking and smartcapture. Restream also gives users localized reach like never before. Through integration with regional streaming services in countries like India, China and Russia, users can now stream their content to otherwise unreachable viewers.

“Pivo is more than a new accessory for mobile photographers: it’s a true Swiss Army knife to take your smartphone photography to a new level,” said Provideo Coalition, an award winning platform for the industry’s top professionals. That’s because Pivo has over 13 features integrated into its hardware and software to help unlock the full potential for your smartphone content creations.

So what can you actually do with Pivo’s capturing modes? Versus mode automatically pans back and forth between two subjects to easily create a rap-battle like video or gif. 50/50 is half video and half photo. First take a photo, then Pivo will pivot just enough to give you room for a seamless video. Essentially a super easy cinemagraph. DoubleTake is an easy way to generate meme-ready gifs or video to tell a story in seconds. ManyMe lets users be a part of the panorama over and over again. Take a panoramic photo all around Pivo then let Pivo clone you and your friends into one image. Capture mode packs smart features like “Smartcapture” to interact with Pivo with your voice or gesture. Motion Timelapse makes the most dynamic timelapse possible from a mobile. Let Pivo capture a video in 360, 180 or 120 degrees and create a timelapse to show the world passing across a panorama. Panorama is a feature that Pivo was originally designed to create. Automated capturing and rotation means professional quality panoramas taken easily from a mobile. No more unnatural photo stitching with duplicate heads or missing arms. Flash can blur two videos together. Play catch with yourself or become a superhero with Pivo. TinyPlanet on a mobile device has never been so simple. No need for expensive hardware or software like photoshop to create tiny planet images. Facefollow can detect your face and follow users around like your personal cameraman. Object Tracking can help users create even more dynamic contents flexibly by tracking things like vehicles. Restream and Pivo have partnered up to give users access to over 30 of the top live streaming platforms. Not only this but users can multistream across these platforms while using pivo’s interactive features like Facefollow.

Pivo also comes with an alternate rotating head which allows any smartphone to not only rotate, but tilt angles. An included remote control also gives users greater control with Pivo. For serious flexibility, the team behind Pivo have developed their mobile app to be open source so users can decide how they want Pivo to work for them.

Kickstarter Rewards

The campaign launched on Nov. 13, 2018 and will run until Jan. 10, 2019. Rewards range from US$79 to US$110 depending on the number of add-ons. Pivo is expected to retail for $138 which includes the Pivo body, the app, an adjustment head, a remote and a travel case.


IdeaLink has unveiled an innovative 3D mobile golf analysis system and a smart golf club based on the IoT through the crowdfunding platform Wadiz Funding.


IdeaLink, an innovative Korean venture company, unveiled the world’s first avatar golf swing analysis system based on the IoT through the crowdfunding platform Wadiz Funding on August 29.

IdeaLink is one of the Korean companies groomed by the K-ICT Born2Global Center, which supports promising technology companies so that they can go global.

The company’s new product, dubbed “3D Mobile Golf Analyzer-Smart Golf Club,” analyzes users’ swing postures and habits real time, enabling them to make corrections.

The innovative product is expected to be officially launched at the end of October. Yet it has already gained recognition for its technological excellence in the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The smart golf analysis system introduces an avatar swing analysis for the first time in the world. The system reproduces swing postures of users based on the data collected from various angles in 3D animations, allowing them to observe each part of their swing postures in real time accurately.

The Smart Golf Club supports games from mobile courses in the same environment as real golf courses, providing an environment where players can enjoy golf anytime, anywhere. 3D modeling can give golfers practical help by extracting a variety of angular and cubic data and providing a more accurate swing posture and habit analysis.

A real-time golf simulation game that shows a real golfer's swing rather than a swing animation.


Another feature is that the golf club is loaded with an integrated swing analysis system with a built-in sensor.

“We began to develop the smart golf club in 2014 and managed to get funding for it at Kickstarter in the US. Our product garnered much attention in exhibitions in the UK, France, Spain and China,” said Kim Jong-min, president of IdeaLink. “The product that will be launched at Wadiz this time is a much improved version. We have made improvements based on positive responses and advice from many supporters. Golfers can buy it with an 80-percent discount from the US.”

"Our products are loved by professional golfers and lesson pros. We will continue to develop various services and products that combine mobile and golf through our accumulated IoT technology and know-how," Kim added.

Architecture IT startup "Archisketch" successfully launched the world's simplest interior design solution on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. In less than three hours, Archisketch had reached the full funding goal of US$30,000. Archisketch is continuing crowdfunding at Kickstarter until December 1st.



Archisketch allows ordinary people to become specialists in 3D interior design and home furnishing.


At the core of Archisketch is a technology that captures space using AR and presents in to 3D/VR data. When a user captures the corner of a room, for example, the device automatically converts it to a 3D model. The user can then create various 3D images in real time by choosing and placing furniture, wall paper, and flooring materials according his or her personal tastes. All furniture pieces stored in Archisketch's library have the same specifications and dimensions as those actually sold in stores. The application also links directly to the websites of furniture manufacturers, allowing users to make purchases easily and conveniently.


The device begins by connecting to the user's smartphone, after which the AR-enabled device's laser sensor activates, measuring the distance between the user and the walls of the room in which the user stands. It then generates a 3D image of the room.


The device saves time and money for people preparing to move, and helps them design optimal spaces in their new home. In addition, the device can be used in various B2B sectors, such as interior design and real estate, anywhere in the world.


CEO Lee Jusung of Archisketch said, "These days, people are trying to do the interior design for their own homes in order to make their living spaces more lively, dynamic, and unique. People now regard their homes as multi-purpose spaces where they can relax and enjoy hobbies, instead of viewing them merely as places to sleep. However, doing the interior design for a new home is no easy task for most people. You have to check and measure every wall and corner of the home and find furniture to create the kind of spaces you want. With Archisketch, however, all the user needs to do is attach the device to his or her smartphone, and it will scan the entire space all at once. In this way, the device makes it much easier and more convenient for ordinary people to do 3D real-time modeling and try their hand at interior design."


The Archisketch device will be displayed at the Samsung Developer Conference in the United States on October 18 and a startup booth at Web Summit 2017, to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, on November 6.


The price of the Archisketch device will range from USD 119 to USD 134for early-bird buyers, while the price of the package will be USD 249.


To contribute to this Kickstarter campaign, please visit







K-ICT Born2Global Centre, a major Korean government agency, announced that its member company DNX launched the Carah safety watch on Kickstarter for a campaign that will last 30 days. Carah is a real analogue watch with smart capabilities and a built-in SOS safety alert.



Carah, which without the 'h' means 'friend' in Irish, and 'beloved' in Latin, is the result of a collaboration between a computer science professor and a mechatronics expert. Together, they developed a smart safety watch that offers style, functionality, and personal security. The professor's daughters who are studying abroad were an inspiration behind the product.



"I wanted to create a simple and effective way for my daughters to get help fast if they need it. This is why building a product with an SOS function was my number one priority," said Prof. Grace Kwon, CEO of the company behind Carah. "But my daughters were quick to point out that they wanted more. Namely, it had to have useful and fun functions as well as be fashionable."


Chosen by Newswatch TV as a highlight of its 'back-to-school' technology segment, the watch, which boasts a real analogue interface, has the ability to sound an alarm in the event of an emergency. A two-second push and hold of the watch will immediately alert the watch holder's guardians and sound a loud siren. This simple, fast and intuitive action will send GPS information of the person seeking help, automatically alerting chosen guardians such ascampus police or their community of helpers, giving the owner a sense that help is just a touch away.



In a world teeming with multifunctional devices and AI powered gadgets, a stand-alone alarm would have little appeal to a worldwide market. This is why Carah comes equipped with an abundance of useful functions, such as finding your phone, audio recording and one-touch timer. It has a step and run counter for calorie and fitness tracking. Through its Android and iOS pairing, Carah allows you to take a selfie photo and will alert you in the event you receive a text message or a social media notification. The watch utilizes top-quality Japanese movement technology and is made of highest grade materials, including scratch resistant glass and genuine leather straps.


"Developing a product for the mass market was no easy feat. But each time I heard of yet another emergency case that Carah could've prevented, I couldn't help but use it as my motivation," added Prof. Kwon.


With the product already developed and fine-tuned, the Kickstarter campaign plans to raise funds to fuel its mass production. A Kickstarter pledge of GBP80 (early bird), will guarantee Carah supporters a choice of one safety watch shipped by mid-January 2018, the official timeline for its worldwide distribution. The company promises its contributors the receipt of weekly updates and a hasty response time to questions. The watch will come with a one year guarantee and long term customer support.


To contribute to this Kickstarter campaign, 

please visit







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Developed by a working mother whose children were studying abroad, the Carah smart safety watch provides comfort for anyone who feels vulnerable or insecure.



A woman in the US is assaulted or beaten every nine seconds.


Unfortunately, the statistics of crime against women are horrifying. In the US alone 1 in 3 women will experience some form of physical or sexual violence. 1 in 4 women on a college campus will be sexually assaulted.


Many charities around the world are doing great work trying to tackle the root causes of violence against women - Futures Without Violence and RAINN in the US for instance - but the sad fact remains that anything from going to university to walking home at night can be dangerous.

Carah, a smart, fashionable safety watch, has been developed to help people in threatening or emergency situations get help fast.



People want an SOS alarm, but they also want more.


According to the Chapman America's Top Fears 2016 survey, more than 1 in 5 people fear being sexually assaulted, and according to an Ericsson Consumer Lab 2016 survey, the most requested function for a wearable device was a panic button (32%). But for people's hectic lifestyles, an SOS alarm that does little else is not so appealing.


"I wanted to create a simple and effective way for my daughters to get help fast if they need it, so making the SOS functions was my number one priority", said Prof. Grace Kwon, CEO of the company behind Carah, "But my daughters quickly told me they wanted more. Namely it had to be fashionable, and it had to be every day useful, too."


That's why Carah is a real analogue watch and comes with useful features such as fitness monitoring, social media notifications, finding your phone, selfies, one-touch timers and more.



A 2-second push of the watch sounds a siren and immediately contacts guardians.


Even though Carah is quite different from most smartwatches in being a real analogue watch with the addition of many smart features, SOS remains the core function. With a simple, fast, and intuitive action, people in danger can sound an alarm, send GPS information and automatically call their guardians, or the campus police, or their community of helpers.


"It's taken me well over a year to develop Carah, and at times it's been a real struggle. But whenever I read of yet another college student being raped or a woman suffering years of domestic violence, I can't help thinking that Carah just might have prevented it." Continued Prof. Kwon, "That's all the motivation I need."


Carah will launch on Kickstarter in August, 2017. 






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IoT. We Make the Things




Link from 



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IoT. We Make the Things






Startup Stratio announced on May 18 that its portable spectrometer LinkSquare, which is currently being sold on Kickstarter, was selected as a “Project We Love” on May 15 by Kickstarter staff. Stratio’s Kickstarter campaign will be held until June 8.

LinkSquare is a portable spectrometer that provides information on the test subject’s color and molecular composition by measuring its reactions to both visible and near-infrared radiation. The product currently featured on Kickstarter is targeted at developers. With LinkSquare, users can develop a wide range of mobile applications for various purposes, such as accurate color classification and the identification of synthetic jewels and artificial food. 



Stratio’s portable spectrometer, LinkSquare (Stratio)


Stratio was founded in 2013 by four Ph.D graduates from Stanford University’s Department of Electrical Engineering who had managed to create a smaller version of a spectrometer by applying a small-scale optical design. With its development of a production technology that made it possible to create such a compact spectrometer, the company overcame the limitation of existing spectrometers, which are difficult to sell due to their large sizes and high prices. CEO Lee Jae Hyung said, “We made our product much more portable and affordable than existing spectrometers, based on our goal of making expensive equipment from developing countries more available for day-to-day use by ordinary consumers.”

Stratio unveiled LinkSquare at last year’s CES in January, gaining significant attention from companies in related areas. In January 2017, LinkSquare was designated as one of the top four products of its kind in the world in Hardware Battlefield, a competition hosted by TechCrunch, the largest US technology media property, featuring over 200 products from various countries. Stratio receives support for its overseas marketing activities from the domestic startup incubator K-ICT Born2Global Centre.

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スマートウォッチや IoT ウェアラブルは今年スランプに陥っている。



では、スマートベルトはどうだろう? 食習慣をトラッキングする健康ベルト「WELT」が、






WELT の CEO、Sean G. Kang(강성지)博士は言う。


"市場には Fitbit、Misfit、Miband といったウェアラブルデバイスが出回っています。





WELT はベルトのバックル裏に隠されており、







WELT はベルトの張り具合の変化をトラッキングします。"(Kang 博士)






WELT のバッテリーは1ヶ月間持続し、

充電は側面に設けられた micro USB ポート経由で可能だ。 



今年8月、同社の Wellness Belt の Kickstarter キャンペーンが立ち上げられ、




WELT の CEO である Kang 博士は以前、ソウルのセブランス病院の医師であった。

同氏は Samsung Electronics の Mobile Communication Health Development 



従業員が思い付いたアイデアでスタートアップを実現できる Samsung の社内インキュベータ、Creative Lab(C-Lab)内でチームを編成した。


"Samsung Creative Lab は2年ほど前に立ち上げられました。1年に約10チームが新たに編成されます。"(Kang 博士)


Samsung Creative Lab で11番目のチームとなる WELT は、Samsung Ventures からシード資金を獲得している。

同チームは Samsung の社内コンペに勝ちスピンオフした。

Kang 博士によると、約20チームが Samsung を出て会社を設立したという。



ですが、弊社のセンサー用アルゴリズム、ヘルスデータ、ファッションブランドや病院との提携は複製できません。"(Kang 博士)


同社は11月に Indiegogo キャンペーンをローンチ予定だ。


同社は未来創造科学部傘下にあるの K-ICT Born2Global Center の支援を受けている。


WELT の共同設立者:Ken Roh(노혜강)氏,Sean Kang(강성지)氏,Hane Rho(노혜인)氏


【via Technode】 @technodechina



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