The Born2Global Centre has published the "Korea Startup Index 2019," which contains comprehensive information on the Korean startup ecosystem. The Born2Global Centre has been publishing the Korea Startup Index since 2014. Featuring new and exclusive content, it delivers insights on Korea's dynamic startup ecosystem and introduces companies aiming to enter the global market.



Some highlights of the report are:


Information on the Korean startup ecosystem

Trends of Korean startup investment

Success stories

Born2Global annual report

Born2Global members list

In particular, the Korea Startup Index 2019 features the Korean startup ecosystem's solutions and strategies for overcoming COVID-19.


The classification of Korean startup investment trends, venture capital, angel investment, and crowdfunding is also included in this year's index, in addition to information on the Korean startup market, 208 ICT-related companies capable of evaluating the business environment, and results of a wide variety of analyses of startups' status, human resources, investment attraction, target markets, and business environments. It also presents the results of a survey that gives companies an overview of the impact of COVID-19.


Chief Executive Director Jongkap Kim of the Born2Global Centre said, "As convergence technology, which is being led by innovative technology companies, is gaining influence in response to the changes that have occurred around the world. Through this report, you can learn more about Korean startups and the Korean startup ecosystem. It contains a variety of information on Korean startups that would otherwise be difficult to access. I hope it serves as a useful reference material for many."


To read the full report, download it here:


Korea Startup Index 2019(KR).pdf


About Born2Global Centre


Born2Global Centre ( is a full-cycle service platform for global expansion. Since inception in 2013, Born2Global has been setting the standard for successful startup ecosystem as the main Korean government agency under the Ministry of Science and ICT. Born2Global has expanded and transformed startups to be engaged, equipped and be connected with the global market. Every year, Born2Global selects over 100 startups with excellent technological capacity and business potential to be part of membership, and provides them with a comprehensive range of services. This membership service is a year-long intensive program. To members, Born2Global provides a superior package of programs. Born2Global helps members improve their products, grow their business on a global scale, and find ways to expand their networks and have contributed to bringing in investments totaling over USD 593.5 million. In addition, Born2Global's in-house experts have provided consulting services on 11,724 occasions to startups, including consultations 648 overseas patent applications, 395 overseas business contracts and alliances, and 79 incorporations.


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“Korea Startup Index 2019,” the sixth edition in the series has been recently published. According to our current survey, half of the respondents (65%) strongly agreed that COVID-19 will have a negative change in the startup ecosystem. Majority of respondents agreed that change and uncertainty will be part of our lives for a long time.



There is no endless crisis. A world dominated by convergence technology, led by innovative technology companies can exert significant influence and unprecedented leadership in unprecedented times of cataclysm and crisis. In uncertain times, we want to help companies navigate through the COVID-19 crisis and turn the crisis into an opportunity. The Korea Startup Index 2019 contains various information such as the current status of Korean startup ecosystem in COVID-19 and global investment trends towards startups.



Here are some highlights:


  Examination of the startup ecosystem and support policies in major countries

  Born2Global annual report

  Current state of the Korean startup ecosystem

  Startup investment trends in major countries

  Success stories of Korean startups

  Key factors in entering the global market related to COVID-19 

             -  Tech media outlets

             -  Tech startups  

             -  Digital communications tools

             -  Acceleration programs for startups

             -  Startups calendar 2020 (virtual conferences)



It is Born2Global’s greatest hope to provide readers with useful information and for this report to serve as an important reference. 


We want to contribute through our Korea Startup Index 6th Edition to improving the environment for Korean innovative technology companies.


To read the entire report, download here.

>> Korea Startup Index 2019.pdf (Kr)

>> Korea Startup Index 2019.pdf (En)





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