PMF Channel Partners

Born2Global Centre(B2G) announces the recruitment of PMF(Product-Market Fit) Channel Partners (CP) in all ICT fields with capabilities to effectively support innovative technology companies from South Korea to scale up through globalization.
PMF(Product-Market Fit) is defined as "being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market."
The ultimate goal of PMF program is to help participating companies find out whether their product fits to the market or whether there is a need to pivot their target customer segments and/or products.
B2G accepts applications in two categories as below

  1. Customer discovery and meeting arrangements with potential partners or customers in its target market
  2. User Experience Research

B2G Channel Partners are also expected to provide any necessary preparation and follow-up work to perform the above tasks

The application is opened immediately on the date of posting until the end of 2022.
Please review the attached files for detailed information and apply via link below.
Apply here:  
For Customer Discovery and Meeting Arrangements
For User Experience Research

If you have any questions, please contact Sean Shin at 82-31-8039-6781 or

Born2Global Centre is looking for "Channel Partners for 2022" in Legal, Accounting, and Patent which can contribute to providing high quality of services to Korean startups for successful international expansion in Information and Communications Technology industry.

Submission Guideline

The deadline for submission is April 8th, 2022 until 23:59 KST(Korean Standard Time), based on online server date and time. Submissions of application should be made by email only according to the following requests.

  A. Email address:

  B. Email subject : Application for Consulting Partners in 2022 - [Company Name]

  C. Email attachments : Application*, Documents Certifying the Proper Registration of Business, Service Price List, Introduction Materials in PDF formats.

If you have any questions, contact (

notice image

“Global Business Expansion Type (2022년도 본투글로벌센터 해외진출 지원사업) Membership" :

Open from 3/ 02 (Wed.) ~ 3/ 31(Thu.) 17:00 (KST)   


* Due dates and hours are fixed. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be systematically reviewed.

Application period has been terminated.

Additional applications are not allowed.

Thank you for applying to 2022 B2G Membership.

What we support :  

Each year, 100 companies are selected to expand their business globally with the help of our one-year membership accelerator program that includes services such as consulting and business development.

▶ Onsite/online programs to check whether product/service fits the target market through potential partners and customers

▶ Business consulting in legal ⦁ patent ⦁ accounting ⦁ Marketing to scale up globally

▶ Global IR(Investor Relations) ⦁ Tech-matching ⦁ Seminar ⦁ Networking programs

▶ Global PR(Public Relations) services

▶ Coworking spaces include the facility, equipment, and amenities necessary to support our members' business

Application Submission Period

▶ Open from 3/ 2 (Wed) ~ 3/ 31 (Thu) 17:00 (KST) [Closed]

▶ Final Selection : Up to 50 companies

▶ The target companies : Companies with ICT convergence & Deep technology

Evaluation Period

▶ 1st Evaluation(Qualification) : 4 / 1 (Wed) ~ 4 / 5 (Tue)

▶ 1st Announcement : ~ 4 / 6 (Wed)

▶ 2nd Evaluation : ~ 4 / 15 (Tue)

▶ 2nd Announcement : 4 / 20 (Wed)

▶ 3rd Evaluation : ~ 4 / 29 (Fri)

▶ 3rd Announcement(draft) : ~ 5 / 3 (Tue)

▶ Membership Conclusion** : ~ 5 / 6 (Fri)

 * The above schedule can be changed

* * See the below Notice file for more information

How to Apply

A. Check program-specific requirements in the attached Notice.

B. Submission : Closed

notice image

“D.N.A(Data. Network. AI) Joint Venture Type (JV 설립형) Membership”

: Open from 2/ 28 (Mon.) ~ 3/ 29(Tue.) 18:00 (KST)   


 * Due dates and hours are fixed. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered for the review  


  • Final Selection : 15 companies (flexible)
  • Target companies: Startups with D.N.A (Data, Network, AI) convergence technologies
  • Benefits - Program Overview

We support the formation, establishment & operations, and scale-up of binational joint ventures that will help selected members to save expenses/needed resources for localization of their product/service and overcome limitations in face-to-face activities amid the current pandemic.

▶ Support Discovering & Building Potential JV Partnerships: Online meetups, partnership curation service, preliminary consulting (global business, partnership, etc.)

▶ Support for JV Establishment & Operations: Business consulting(legal, patents, accounting, marketing, pr), PMF(Product-Market Fit) consulting, and other expenses(overseas travel, local working spaces - rents)

▶ Support for Business Development and Investment Attraction: Online IR event, open innovation programs in collaboration with Born2Global Centre partners (global corporates, venture capital firms, other investor firms, international organizations, etc.), and follow-up consulting

Selection Timeline

▶ Submission Deadline : 3/29 Tue) 18:00 PM (KST)

▶ 1st Announcement: 4/1 (Fri.)

▶ 2nd Evaluation: from 4/12(Tue.) to  4/15(Fri.)

▶ 2nd Announcement: 4/18(Mon.)

Membership agreement signing (Born2Global Centre - Selected companies) **: from 4/19(Tue.) to 22(Fri.)

* Timeline above is subject to change

** Membership is valid from the date of signed agreement til Dec.31, 2022

 How to Apply

A. Download the attached form

B. Submission : By e-mail (

Start Tel Aviv 2017 Korea Competition

Tel Aviv, the heart of Israeli economy, is opening the largest startup event where 20 startups from 20 different countries exchanging their knowledge and building up Israel network.

  • Topic : Innovation for a Better Tomorrow

  •  Applicant Requirement

       - Age : 25 ~ 37

       - Field : Startups contributing to Urban Social Challenges in ICT mobile sector

       - Stage : Seed stage (Fund under $1M)

       - Others : Fluent in English, only corporation

  • Timeline


 (Offline Recommendation)

1st Round Review

Pitch Competition (Final, Top 4)

Start Tel Aviv 2017 (Israel)

19 June – 14 July

14 July – 21 July

3 Aug

3 Sept ~ 7 Sept

  • Application Process

       - Step 1. Download application on

       - Step 2. Email application to

  • Required Documents

       - Application/business plan (in English, PDF, under 20 pages)

       - Pitch Video (In English, 1~3min)
“What can my starup do to make the world a better place?”

  • Prize

       - 1 round-trip ticket to Israel and full lodging charge support

       - Opportunity to take part in an intense, five-day startup experience in ‘Start Tel Aviv 2017’

       - Certify 2018 Born2Global membership

  • Host : Israel Embassy, Yozma Group Korea, K-ICT Born2Global Centre

  • Inquiry

       - T. 02-6232-7345

       - E.

[01] Start Tel Aviv 2017 Korea Competition (Eng).pdf

[02] Start Tel Aviv 2017 Korea Competition (Kor).pdf

[03] Application Form and Business Plan.docx



The domestically developed Korean satellite CAS500-1 (Compact Advanced Satellite 500-1) is launched on March 22 from Baikonur Cosmodrome, a spaceport in Baikonur, southern Kazakhstan. (Korea Aerospace Research Institute)

By Lee Jihae

A next-generation mid-size satellite independently developed by Korea was launched on March 22.

The Ministry of Science and ICT and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said, "The CAS500-1 (Compact Advanced Satellite 500-1) was successfully launched at 3:07 p.m. this afternoon (Korean Standard Time and 11:07 a.m. Kazak Standard Time) at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan."

The satellite was loaded on the Russian projectile Soyuz 2.1a when launched. It made its first communication with a ground station within 102 minutes after liftoff and safely entered its target orbit.

The CAS500-1 was developed to utilize the 500-kg mid-size "standard platform" by its supervisory body Korea Aerospace Research Institute. Korean aerospace companies also participated in the satellite's independent technological development.

The launch came six years after the satellite's development began in 2015.

The CAS500-1 is slated to remain in a synchronous orbit around the sun for six months at an altitude of 497.8 km. From October, it will provide detailed ground observation videos of the Korean Peninsula for use in responding to disasters, observing water resources, and managing land and resources.

Minister of Science and ICT Choi Kiyoung said, "This launch has laid the cornerstone for boosting the satellite industry and thus sent a flare signaling the 'K-satellite era,'" adding, "It is significant that science and technology have greatly contributed to enhancing the people's quality of life and offering hope during the difficult COVID-19 era."


The Ministry of Environment on March 2 released this year's planned measures to achieve the nation's carbon neutrality goal by 2050, saying all motor vehicles will eventually be eco-friendly. The photo shows the electric-powered Hyundai Ioniq 5 launched on Feb. 23. (Hyundai Motor)

By Yoon Hee Young and Kim Minji

Korea has announced a transition from internal combustion vehicles to zero-emission models, one of the main strategies for achieving the government's carbon neutrality goal by 2050.

The Ministry of Environment on March 2 unveiled its planned initiatives this year to help achieve the 2050 objective and presented a clear direction for government policy to that end.

The ministry said it will devise 11 of 31 transition tasks with related organizations, adding that the main strategy is the nation's transition to future cars.

The strategy will be finalized in the second half of the year. The government will supply and innovate eco-friendly vehicles, expand charging infrastructure, and conduct research and hold forums on introducing eco-friendly vehicles.

The ministry will also release this year another strategy for reducing CO2 emissions and using nature and ecology to devise adaptation strategies. The idea is to respond to climate change by using natural ecosystems through maximizing benefits from them like climate modification and expanding the restoration of eco-spaces, which are carbon sinks.

Environment Minister Han Jeoung-ae said, "As a leading department for achieving carbon neutrality, the Ministry of Environment will promote transition in all sectors of society and set a foundation to achieve the carbon neutrality goal."





The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has installed at the Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Services in Seoul's Nowon-gu District a mobile negative pressure isolation room for those critically ill with COVID-19. (KAIST)

By Lee Kyoung Mi and Lee Hana

Domestic researchers have developed a mobile negative pressure isolation room for critically ill COVID-19 patients to help solve the shortage of hospital beds due to a surge of cases needing intensive care. 

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) on Jan. 7 announced that it began testing the Mobile Clinic Module (MCM), a mobile negative pressure isolation room that allows medical workers to treat critically ill patients while preventing cross-contamination. 

By generating negative pressure in the room, air can flow into the ward but not escape from it, thus preventing contaminated air from leaking. 

Since Dec. 28, KAIST has tested the module at the Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Services in Seoul's Nowon-gu District. The module is 450 square m (15 m X 30 m) in size and includes four negative pressure rooms, an office space, a changing room and a storage room for medical devices. 

Building the module took less than a month. The KAIST research team said 14 days are needed to make an MCM and installation and delivery are possible within five days. 

The module includes a negative pressure frame, air tents and panels used to build the MCM. The components can also be used to set up testing centers and negative pressure general wards. 

Nam Tek-jin, an industrial design professor at KAIST who headed the research team, said, "The MCM minimizes the need to add new extensions to wards and will become an essential part of quarantine measures against the infectious disease cycle. The MCM is the first of its kind in the world, and we will export our hardware and operational know-how as part of Korea's key quarantine products."

Once the testing period ends on Jan. 15, medical staff and patients will evaluate the module for utility, stability and satisfaction before the MCM's commercialization.


Ookla, a U.S.-based web service that ranks internet connection worldwide, on Oct. 28 said Korea had the fastest mobile internet speed among 138 countries surveyed. (Screen capture from website of Speedtest's Global Index chart on left and Speedtest Awards' chart on right)

By Kim Minji

Korea has led the world in mobile internet speed for the past two months.

Ookla, a U.S.-based web service that ranks internet connection worldwide, on Oct. 28 said Korea had the world's fastest mobile download speed among 138 countries tested in August and last month.

Ookla's Speedtest Global Index found that the country's mobile download speed was 121 Mbps, or three times higher than the global average of 35.96 Mbps. Korea also had the world's fastest speed in August with 113.01 Mbps.

In May last year, Korea topped the world in mobile download speed with 76.75 Mbps, replacing Norway, which finished second that month after being No. 1 for about a year.

On Korea's jump in the rankings, Ookla said, "5G dramatically boosts speeds."

China last month finished second with 113.35 Mbps and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) third with 109.43 Mbps.

Ookla also said Korea's SK Telecom was the world's second-fastest mobile network from this year's second quarter to the third, trailing only Etisalat of the UAE.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Korea is rising as a production base for vaccines and medication. Pictured here are researchers at SK Bioscience on Nov. 15 working at a lab. (Yonhap News)

By Kim Minji and Lee Hana

Korea is rising as a production base for vaccines and medication for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Samsung Biologics has signed contract manufacturing organization (CMO) agreements with two pharmaceutical companies abroad to make a novel coronavirus-neutralizing antibody, Yonhap News reported on Nov. 18.

The Korean company signed a deal in April with the U.K.'s GlaxoSmithKline and in May with U.S. pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly. In five months, Samsung has manufactured and delivered its initial supply to its partners.

Developed by Eli Lilly and mass-produced by Samsung, the antibody allows patients to receive treatment in a timely manner. The manufacturing timeline for the production of medical supplies was shortened by reducing the period for biomedical tech transfer to three months. 

SK Bioscience in July signed a CMO deal with the U.K.'s AstraZeneca to produce COVID-19 vaccines. The following month, the Korean company signed a contract development and manufacturing organization agreement with Novavax of the U.S. on vaccine production. 

GC Pharma signed a deal with the Norway-based Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines developed by multinational pharmaceutical companies. 

Korean biotech company GL Rapha will manufacture a portion of the Sputnik V, the world's first registered vaccine against COVID-19 developed by Russia.

"Korean pharmaceutical and biotech companies have the production capabilities and are now recognized and trusted around the world. This is proof that Korea has the competitiveness to serve as an advanced base for the Asian market," said Lee Jae-guk, executive director at the Korea Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharma Manufacturers Association.

President Moon Jae-in on Nov. 18 attended a biotech event at Yonsei University's international campus in Incheon's Songdo district. He said the Korean biotech industry is safeguarding the health of humanity by fighting the pandemic, adding that Korea will grow beyond a production base into biotech powerhouse.

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